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Attack on Titan's first PV isn't too shabby

8:00 AM on 12.10.2012 // Elliot Gay

Consider me sort of relieved.

More details on the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Attack on Titan have finally rolled in, and it isn't looking half bad. 

Wit Studio (Production I.G.) will be handling the animation, and heading up the project is director Tetsuro Araki (Guilty Crown). The always awesome Sound Horizon is in charge of the opening theme while Hiroyuki Sawano (Gundam UC) pens the original score.

My biggest concern here was that Araki and his staff would default to using poorly rendered CG for most of the Titans. While I'm still not entirely convinced, the above PV does a good job of showing how Wit Studio has decently blended the manga's rough art style with the CG elements.

Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.

[via ANN]

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