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Attention Japanator: kick this man in the groin at Ikkicon!

10:46 PM on 02.05.2009 // God Len

Trust me, you will be doing the right thing since this 40-year-old man named James Reimer was last seen with a 14-year-old girl named Deborah Fourzan, who was reported missing Monday morning. KVUE television station in Texas states that the two are going on an anime con tour de force on their way to California, with their first stop at Ikkicon this weekend. James was a friend of the family and had constant contact with Deborah before this, sending her dirty messages and the like. Though it is unknown at this time whether she replied back with her own scandalous texts.

Right now sources say Deborah looks like a goth, so black hair is what you should be looking for at this moment; though she was originally blonde.  James Reimer looks like a fat otaku, which should perfectly camouflage him into the convention's populace. Authorities advise anyone who sees them to not approach them, but to contact the police. Japanator advises you to kick him in the groin, and then call the police. We must find her Japanator; we shall not let him tarnish the name of the otaku!

[Via ANN]


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God Len,
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