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Augmented reality iPhone app finds konbini for you

11:32 AM on 09.23.2010

Dale North

Associate Editor

Convenience stores are one of my favorite parts of visiting Tokyo. They're actually...convenient there, and I find myself constantly relying on them to get through my travels there, whether it be to eat, buy necessities, or even look at those pervy magazines.

There's a really cool new iPhone app for those that live or are visiting Tokyo. It's called Conbini, and it's for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

By holding your iPhone vertically, this Augmented reality app lets you see the nearest konbini with the camera's live view. If there's a little hut of goodness nearby, a proper icon will be displayed on the screen as an overlay, right over the real world. Simply follow that signage as you walk and the app will update in real time. You'll run into your konbini eventually.

When you find one, get those wafer sandwiches that have the chocolate and ice cream inside. I love those things!

Hold your iPhone horizontally and the app changes function a bit. It will display all the nearest konbini in a list. Select one and a red compass arrow will guide you, giving you direction and remaining distance.

Conbini is now up on the App Store for only $0.99.  That sounds like a really good deal for an app that guides you to endless shelves of Crunky and Pepsi NEX. 

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Dale North

Associate Editor
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