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The Dose: Nana Mizuki

Vocal powerhouse Nana Mizuki is back with an epic new track to kick off your new week! Yes, the weather may not be cooperating today, but that doesn't mean we are getting what we want out of our music. Even if mother nature ...   more

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WTF Fridays: Have a beary nice day

Some women will complain about any gift you get them.   more

WTF Fridays: Have a beary nice day photo

The Dose: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

As we all hoped, our friend Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is back. Yes, I was totally off in thinking we might be retiring, I can admit that the idea was absurd! Too bad though, I thought she might have a bright future picking out a lov...   more

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The Dose: Old School Thursday

For today's weekly flashback we go back to 1997, and pay our respects to one of the most beloved video games of all time, Final Fantasy VII. Rated by many as their favorite RPG, Final Fantasy VII was the game that kicked the...   more

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It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

It's the midweek party time that I use your lunch break to catch you up on the fantastic commercial offerings from the far East. This week we're still catching up on JPCMHD's round-up from earlier in the year, but I didn't w...   more

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The Dose: Yui Horie

Wednesday usually means that we're all hitting a bit of a lull in our work week. Staring like zombies at your computer screens, stamping off TPS reports. In these cases we need something extra sugary, with that special caffe...   more

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The Dose: LoVendoЯ

Kicking off this week is a surprising new release from the UP-FRONT CREATE managed band, LoVendoЯ. The new single has a way more matured and sophisticated rock sound than I was expecting. Powerful pop-rock, yet emotion...   more

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WTF Fridays: True enthusiasm

This classic really needs no explanation. I mean, THIS CLASSIC NEEDS NO EXPLANATION!!!!!   more

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The internet tries to catch up with Japanator & BabyMetal

Remember when we introduced you to BabyMetal back in 2011, courtesy of our friend Ric Q?Well, it looks like the pint size headbangers have gone viral. I can't seem to not see their videos pop up in my social media feed latel...   more

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The Dose: Kamen Joshi

Do you sometimes think that the girls from Alice Project are just too hideous to look at? Perhaps your dream idol girl looks a bit more like Jason from Friday the 13th than Mariko Shinoda. If you fall into either categories,...   more

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The Dose: Ken Hirai & Namie Amuro

Nope. This isn't another April Fools trick. This track is real, and it's here, just for you. J-Pop fans should probably know how epic the the idea of Ken Hirai and Namie Amuro teaming up is. Two talented, painfully beautiful...   more

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You know what? It's been a little too long since I've kicked The Dose into high gear. It's also been brought to my attention that my eye hasn't been watching the exciting new Visual Kei action that's been cooking up in Japan...   more