AX 11: JAST USA has many releases, plus Nitroplus games!

Jul 04 // Josh Tolentino    @unangbangkay

Anyone following the English-language visual novel scene will know that JAST USA's kind of a big player in the field. It's basically the VN equivalent of FUNimation or Viz Media, and having that kind of clout in the field can score it some pretty big, desirable licenses. Licenses like the ones they had lined up for announcement at Anime Expo this year. Licenses of games from famed studio Nitroplus (aka Nitro+).

It seems that their recent release of Demonbane was just the beginning for now JAST have in their pocket the licenses for Saya no Uta, Kikokugai the Cyber Slayer, Outlaw Django, Hanachirasu, and Sumaga.Those first three titles are probably of most interest to Nitroplus fans. Why, you ask? Those first three were all written by Gen Urobuchi, now known to many anime watchers as the writer behind Madoka Magica. Yep, he wrote that.

Plus, these are some of his gnarlier works, to boot. Saya no Uta in particular is regarded as a landmark visual novel, and one of Urobuchi's breakout titles. The premise involves a dude whose experimental brain surgery leaves him with warped senses that cause the world around him to look like an utterly terrifying, Silent-Hill-but-even-creepier sort of place. And the one thing that looks pure in his brave new world? A girl named Saya. Naturally, there's probably something messed up behind all that purity. 

And who said all the English VN publishers manage to bring in are the porny ones?


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