AX '12: Nozomi licenses Aoi Hana, Ristorante Paradisio

Jul 02 // Brad Rice

While Sentai Filmworks drowned us in licensed titles, Nozomi and the folks at Right Stuf have announced some really high quality licenses: Hyakko, Aoi Hana, and Ristorante Paradisio. I, a full-grown man with a growing beard, squealed with delight at the sound of this news.

Ristorante Paradisio will see release in the Fall of 2012; Hyakko and Aoi Hana in 2013.

Ristorante Paradisio and Aoi Hana are both beautiful, subdued works that proved to be quality works that deserve a larger audience than their niche status was. Hyakko, meanwhile, is an all-girls high school comedy (before K-On!) that stood out with a different art style -- certainly not for everyone. While I didn't watch the whole show, I thought it was pleasant and expected it to see a release from someone.

Below, we have trailers available for all of the shows.

Also, one thing worth noting: Nozomi announced a new label, Lucky Penny, which will focus on budget-friendly releases of anime titles, while their main line, Nozomi, will focus on collector's editions and high-quality releases. It looks like they've taken the best of both worlds from FUNimation's SAVE series' successes, along with the clamoring that goes on for Nippon Ichi's collector's editions. I can't wait to see what those sets look like!


Ristorante Paradisio

Aoi Hana


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