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Bakemonogatari tops the Blu-ray charts with 39,000 copies sold

10:00 AM on 11.04.2009 // Brad Rice

People really like Bakemonogatari. Besides Josh's plea to have the series licensed and seeing communities talk about it all the time, Japan has thrown its wieght behind the series by buying up 39,000 copies of the second Blu-ray disc of the series in one week, sending it to the top of the Oricon charts.

To put things in perspective, the only anime that has higher numbers for its first week of sales has been Evangelion 1.11, with 49,000 copies. Bakemonogatari has even beat out K-ON!, which only garnered 33,000 sales. Wow, and I thought nothing could penetrate the moe of K-ON!.

So come on, guys! Isn't someone going to grab this one already? Why not make it one big package, and license this, Toradora and Lovely Complex to make my day. In fact, you'd probably make my month.

Brad Rice, Founder
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