Be still my heart, Marmalade Boy returns

Feb 28 // Hiroko Yamamura    @biobooster

Why am I getting so giddy?

You probably wouldn't be able to guess from my love of sci-fi anime, but the romantic anime series, Marmalade Boy is one of my all time favorites. I usually don't dig in shoujo anime and manga, but the Marmalade Boy TV series was one of those "right place & right time" situations. A nasty breakup and subsequent social turmoil left me in the emotional state of a fish out of water. I ate up every minute.

Although I never did check out the manga after the 76 episode marathon, I've heard it's actually superior to the anime in many ways. The manga is set to return this may, being serialized in Cocohana, picking up 13 years after the original story. Miki and Yuu are still showing up, but the main stars will be the little sister and brother of them, making the fact that they are in fact sister and brother even crazier. I guess I'm going to have to get my Cocohana subscription going.

[Via ANN]


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