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Being US is suffering: Madoka movies to invade more areas

7:00 PM on 11.13.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

More US cities are making contracts.

[Update: Madoka USA confirms that Seattle is getting more showings. Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Tampa are also jumping on the contract express.]

Are you sad that Kyubey did not reach out to you? Well, there's a chance that your despair will evolve into rejoice. Since the showings for the first two Madoka movies are going on till the end of December, Madoka Magica USA has announced a few more areas that will get the opportunity to become Puella Magis.

If you live in Kansas City, Buffalo, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Akron, then you are one of the new eligible candidates that will get to partake in the sacred contract. And to those who are still bound by the shackles of depression, you can keep tabs on the showtimes at Madoka Magica USA

Hopefully, these cities are not the last ones to participate in the event, since we still have a long way to go before the Walpurgisnact leaves the area -- I am still wishing for a Miami, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, or Fort Lauderdale showing. To all of you future Puella Magis, you can check out the showtimes for the two movies in the section after the jump. 

Kansas City, KA: Screeland Crossroads

11/21/2012 Wednesday 7:00 PM


Buffalo, NY: The Screening Room Cinema

11/23/2012 Friday 2:00 PM


Philadelphia, PA: Cinema 16:9

12/1/2012 Saturday 7:30 PM


Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Cinemas - Cedar Lee

12/4/2012 Tuesday 7:00 PM


Akron, OH: Cleveland Cinemas - Plaza

12/4/2012 Tuesday 7:00 PM


Seattle, WA: Grand Illusion

12/9/2012 Sunday 1:00 PM

12/10/2012 Monday 6:30 PM

12/12/2012 Wednesday 6:30 PM

12/17/2012 Monday 6:30 PM


Pittsburgh, PA: The Hollywood Theater

12/16/2012 Sunday 12:00 PM


Indianapolis, IN: Georgetown 14

12/8/2012 Saturday 7:00 PM

12/9/2012 Sunday 7:00 PM


Clearwater/Tampa Bay, FL: Clearwater Cinema Cafe

12/15/2012 Saturday 9:00 PM


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