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Believe it! Japan releases Naruto postage stamps

3:30 PM on 09.01.2009 // Dale North

(I wrote this story while reading it aloud in my best raspy Naruto voice)

The upcoming 11th collection of Japan's Anime Hero & Heroine Series of stamps will celebrate Naruto and friends. That's right: when you recieve a letter in Japan, you could find the yellow spiky-headed, orange jumpsuit-wearing bastard from the popular anime and manga on the corner of it. 

This new series celebrates Naruto Shippuden. For collectors, 800 yen buys you a sheet of ten stamps, each with a different Naruto character on the face. These will be available on October 23rd.

You can check out previous anime stamp collections here.

You guys probably see this coming, but I wish they would do a Queen's Blade stamp set.

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