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Bible Black in live action? We hear it's ... coming!

9:23 PM on 01.26.2010 // Colette Bennett

Personally, I'm no big fan of Twitter as I'm not in the mood to hear about what spiritual experience any of you had in relation to what you had for lunch today, but truthfully there are times when following the right people comes in handy. Case in point: Chris Beveridge of Anime of DVD fame recently dropped a very juicy tidbit on his Twitter in regards to Bible Black ... in live action form.

The thought if it kind of made me spit tea all over my keyboard. A live ACTION version of the pervy occult classic? I'll admit, I would have to see that (and I think I can speak for Brad Rice too on this one). According to the link Chris tweeted, the live action trailer will be coming very soon. I'm not sure it's going to be appropriate for us to post it on this website once we do get a ahold of it, but the last time I checked, following the rules is one of those things that does not happen much around here...

Colette Bennett,
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