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Bloggers Wanted: An open letter to...

8:00 AM on 11.13.2012 // Chris Walden


Can you smell that? It's the smell of a fresh, new month! That means it is time to change the Bloggers Wanted topic, so get those caffeinated drinks and start thinking of something cool to write!

Oh yes, better explain what I want from you guys first. 

First of all, thank you to everybody that participated in the topic for last month! We read each and every post that ends up in the C-Blogs, Bloggers Wanted related or otherwise, so it's great to see people whacking keyboards for our sake! Of course, there were some great posts that didn't make it to the front page last month, but don't get disheartened! You could still make it to centre stage with this months topic!

What we want you to do is write a letter. This can be to anyone or anything, living, dead or fictional. It could be a fan letter that shows how much you appreciate Oda-sensei a famous figure, a letter that voices a complaint about a show or event, or just something extraordinarily creepy. If you can't think of a person, why not a letter about a specific thing? An open letter to ban anime recap movies, perhaps?

There are plenty of possibilities, so get your thinking hats on! Title your C-Blog 'An open letter to', followed by the subject. We'll then pick a few over the course of the month and throw them on the front page for everyone to see!

Incidentally, us folk at the Japanator underwater HQ have been thinking about answering any questions you might have. If you have something to ask us, on any topic, send it to [email protected] and we might respond to it in a post in the near future. Let us know if you want to stay anonymous, and don't be too mean! You could ask us what our least favourite shows are, what we like to do in our spare time, favourite ice cream flavours... anything! Give it some thought!

From all of us here, good luck and have fun!

Chris Walden, Contributor
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