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HAAAY~! <3 I'm Brittany, and I'm the resident creeper, er, community manager over here at Jtor. I'm here to make your experience even more awesome than usual, and If that means exposing you to J-horror in near-deadly doses, then I shall.

Have a pressing question? A suggestion? Send me a PM, email me, or tweet me! Can't wait? Feel free to contact me on AIM at JtorBrittany.

Brittany Vincent is an accomplished video game and freelance entertainment writer whose work has been featured in esteemed publications and online venues like G4TV.com, Joystiq, Complex, IGN, GamesRadar, Slide To Play, Wizard World, Kotaku, C&G Magazine, Gamezebo, GameSpot, and more. She’s been writing professionally for five years and enjoys combining her lifelong love of gaming and extensive video game knowledge with her passion for the written word.

She also enjoys writing for horror publications like Rue Morgue, Bloody Disgusting, and Dread Central. Over the past few years, she’s also worked with PR representatives to build relationships and obtain review products for her work, having managed her own gaming website and small teams to attend video game conventions such as PAX East in 2010 and E3 in 2011. In addition, she is now the community manager at Japanator.

When her bank account, eyes, and social life aren’t suffering from grueling hours of sweaty-palmed gaming and feverish scribbling, she may be found in the wild viewing anime or poring through manga, mingling in online forums, and working to hone her craft. Simple sleep or paralysis is not enough to catch her, though. No, a Master Ball may be in order. Until her dying breath she’ll be wielding a BFG made entirely of killer drive and ambition while stamping out stereotypes and passing on the frivolity of console wars. So, are you ready? Game on — no button mashing allowed.

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Hey guys,

This is a bit of a somber CM Corner today, as everyone is leaving and my heart feels heavy to see some of my favorite editors leaving after the beginning of a promising future for Japanator was established under our fearless leader Tim and a staff that refused to quit no matter how frustrating things became. We got a new mascot, excellent original features, and met so many of you awesome community members together, and even though I've only been with the site less than two years and your community manager a mere 7 months, I'm proud of what we have here.

That's why I am going to remain at the site as long as I can, though my production will be severely limited. You may have noticed I have been working with Destructoid on daily news posts, and I have also been contributing there for reviews and whatnot. I will be spending a lot more time there, though I will stick around at Japanator as long as I can to hopefully bring some cross-posts, Annotated Anime coverage, and I'll continue to do what I can for you guys as your acting CM.

I'm so sad to see an excellent staff broken up like this, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I wish the best of luck to everyone who's leaving, everyone who's sticking around, and all of you lovely readers left shaking your heads in confusion. As always, if you have any concerns I'll be happy to address them the best I can, and I'm hoping to see you guys around during Japanator's next phases!



New month, new year, new CM Corner! I'm back again with updates and fun-time surprises for all of you, like sugary cupcakes and shiny chainsaws and fooly coolying! Okay, maybe not so much of that, but updates. Yes. What's up with all this activity in the c-blogs I've been seeing? Oooooh, girl, you guys have been busy. That makes me happier than receiving a huge box of Lisa Frank stuff. Like, I mean I used to have this kind of stuff back in school but it's slowly dwindled away. But it's like you revitalized me and breathed life back into me with your activity! Praise Lisa Frank! Praise!

Since we're nearing the end of February, I know you all are hard at work to bring me your vision of the perfect anime ending song just like you did last month for openings. It's coming down to the wire, so a reminder went up just in case you needed a little something-something to kick you into gear. I need it sometimes too, you know? Especially when things have been as busy for me as they have been lately! Buying a car, life changes, etc. It's been rough. But you can't get rid of me, not that easily! No! February saw the resurgence of JapanaTerror, and I will be thinking of some other cool stuff to share with you guys in the interim.   I just felt it was as good of a time as any to reach out and have a rap sesh with my favorite community! Was it good for you too? I bet it was. 

But that's enough rambling from me. Why not check out a few c-blogs around the community that had my interest piqued? Psst! Guys! This means "write more of them, we're reading!"  

I Think I'm Done With Simulcasts by BinaryMind (I'm not allowed to be done, but I share your thoughts, BinaryMind!)
Getting Lovey Dovey: Chobits by 2-D 
[Nendoroid Review] Mizuki Nana Nendoroid No. 322 by Kyorin
Super Toku Time: There's No Such Thing As Permanent Sorrow by SAL~
My Top Three Favorite Anime Ending Themes by Cobrabrandy22  

Wanna see your c-blog mentioned here? Want to see it on the front page? Write something awesome, and you just might see your name up in lights. Or being lasered into a shiny metal surface by Ai-Fi. Catch our attention! Be exciting! And most importantly, as John Green would say, don't forget to be awesome!

It seems like it was so long ago I posted my little announcement about taking over CM duties, but really, it's only been a month. It just feels like time has passed a little more quickly than that, because you guys have so zetta stepped up your community member game. The beginning of the month for November's Monthly Musing topic seemed a little dry, and for a while there I was a little concerned. But you guys came in like a wrecking ball and wre-eh-eh-cked the c-blogs. Jolly good show.

While I've been promoting several of these blogs, I wanted to compile a little repository here of c-blogs and those I've sent to the front page. You guys have done an awesome job and I'm hoping next month we can double or triple the amount of c-blog entries! 

C-blogs and promoted c-blogs:

Fabulous Dressers: Golden Time's Koko
Fabulous Dressers: The von Karma Way of Life
Fabulous Dressers: Penguindrum
Fabulous Dressers: The Joestar Family
Monthly Musings: The Joestars, Anime's Kardashians
Ciel Fashionhive

I'll be choosing a winner with the Jtor staff out of the eligible entries in before the 30th and they'll have the choice between Armored Core: Verdict Day (PS3) or Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (360). Free games? Free games. You know you want 'em. 

In other community-related news, we've been stepping up our social media game by chatting with you guys on Twitter, posting Facebook posts, and using sites like AnimeShinbun and N4G. We could definitely use your help in this manner, and we might be reaching out to several of you who consistently visit Jtor to see how you can help. 

That's all for now. I hope to see double and triple the turnout for next month's topic! Otherwise, I might react a little something like this:


Hey guys! Brittany here. I've been a contributor at Japanator for some time, so maybe you've seen me around! You've probably been creeped out by some of my JapanaTerror picks. Or maybe you've noticed that I have a penchant for out-there video game and anime fashion accessories

But perhaps there's one thing you haven't noticed as of yet, because I'm announcing it now: I'm now the Community Manager on staff! What does this mean for you, so zetta kawaii Jtor readers? A lot of things. Mainly, it means we get to interact a whole lot more. And that's cool, because I think you're all just darling. If I could scoop you up into my Dreamcast backpack and carry you around with me so we could chat during my daily errands, I would. Alas, I'm an adult and it might look a little weird if I carried multiple adults around on my back (even if I could) so that's probably not possible.

Here's what I can and will be doing though!

- Reading over Monthly Musings entries and selecting winners 
- Taking your feedback about Japanator and putting suggestions into action
- Interacting with you to foster appropriate (let's be respectful!) discussion 
- Helping to run contests and selecting winners for PRIZES~
- Being your Japanator onee-san
- Bombarding you with blogs like these all the time

But seriously. I'd love for you to shoot me a PM, leave a comment, or tweet at me if you'd like to get in touch. Send smoke signals if you have to. If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, feedback, or sacred incantations about Japanator, c-blogs, content, or anything, reach out and touch faith, er, me. If you're down for discussing the merits of new wave music and whether or not Eileen ever came on, I'm here for that too. 

To celebrate, I grew a really poorly-Photoshopped Ai-Fi head on top of my normal head. She's even cuter in real life, so I think walking around like this will be an awesome publicity stunt or something. I don't know. I'm still deciding. People might be thrown off by how she looks so horribly pasted-on and all that, but that's just me being all avant-garde and cutting-edge. 

So yes! Good! We're on our way to making Jtor an even more splendiferous place than it already is. With your help, it's gon' happen, baby. It's gon' happen. We got this. We got this by the, well, you know. 

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