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CharismaJustice avatar 7:42 AM on 10.24.2012  (server time)
Rapid Reaction: K Episodes 1-3

Wow. I just watched K, and now I have questions and opinons abound, what exactly is Shiro, who are these cops, and whats the government's role in this, where are the other gangs? K certainly enjoys using questions to keep us watching, because whenever something is answered 2 or 3 more unkowns arise, like some screwed up hydra, all leading up to one answer, what I think about the series.

Review Spoiler Alert! The show's cast is massive and diverse!

If you haven't heard of K, the show involves several groups of psychic clans in an impending battle due to the actions of Yashiro Isana, which he knows nothing about. Congratulations reader, you now know about as much of the plot as I do, Yashiro also gets chased by police, his cat is a human and can talk apparently, and the government is controlled by psychics or something, the only sure thing is the plot is a freaking mess at this point, but its not necessarily a bad mess. While we really don't know much of anything going on until the end of episode 3, the plot still flows quite well, and honestly all these questions should be answered fairly soon based on the 3 episodes of buildup, so the potential is there, but right now the show is a mess plotwise.

And now, art!

As with most things, K has a clear strong point, and the show's strength lies in it's art, which is freaking beautiful, really, really beautiful. The show's art is exceptionally clean, and nothing feels out of place, the art feels big, and yet tight and compact. The best explanation I can find is the shading of the whole image, as the colors are different from anything I've ever seen, and it really fits the show's vibe. Finally, alongside the nice designs, is the brilliant animation, and it's smoother than anything I may have ever seen, honestly it just looks great in all ways, and I try to avoid saying things are perfect. The only real complaint I have about the art is the lack of action scenes, as the show advertises all this psychic combat, and yet the beautiful fightscenes are few and far between, and yet the plot doesn't feel fleshed out, so really it doesn't go with a one or the other approach, and it feels like this middle ground wont work for a whole series like it did for Baccano! or Durarara!!, which the show feels a lot like.

Despite differing art, Durarara and K feel pretty similar at times.

In all the show feels like a beautiful roller coaster, with rapid ups and downs, and when the plot gets going fast, and the action gets going, the show is fantastic! However when the show slows down and goes into story mode, things get sorta mucked up at times, and K needs to have one big episode that answers most of these questions they've made, I'm all for keeping viewers in the dark, but not this dark, at times I had no clue what was going on. Oh yeah, and the soundtrack is great too, sounding a lot like my favorites from Eureka Seven. Another positive aspect of the show is it's diverse cast of characters, all of which seem unique, and have well written personalities, it's almost tragic the plot isn't backing them up right now.

Eh, the Japanese voices are a lot better, but this song is incredible, especially in sync

The Verdict!

K definitely warrants a watch, as the plot has tremendous potential, and the art will be there to back it up. The show's stylish and the characters are well written, albeit wrapped up in a confusing plot. Overall right now its an above average anime, but if the plot picks up we could be witnessing a show for the ages.

Pretty Good

This is the weekly read for this week! I haven't been able to find a short manga I want to review, with the amount of time I have right now! Expect a nice large weekly read next week with a certain Jump samurai gag manga......

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