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CharismaJustice avatar 5:10 PM on 10.18.2012  (server time)
Weekly Read #4: Zetman! Better Than the Anime!

Hello readers, sorry if you were expecting Sket Dance, but user Rank57 just wrote a quite nice blog about Sket Dance, and I don't think I could describe it much better, except I don't like it as much as him (I still like it, a lot).
Read that here:

He beat me to it, sorry Bossun :'(

What it's about
Anyways, I decided on Zetman because I've been on a Berserk craze lately, and read through the whole Golden Age arc, and primarily due to similarities, I came back to Zetman, because in Zetman, shit is Berserk dark. The series centers on Jin and Kouga, two teenagers with very different backgrounds; Jin is a artificial superhuman borne in a lab, and Kouga is the son of his creators, and both become unlikely heroes when monsters called players start wrecking havoc on Japan, Cue evil corporations, secret societies, and tragedy. I don't want to spoil much, but people die quite a bit, and there's some stuff that just wails Berserk, in terms of the screwed up stuff happening in front of your eyes. A little into the series you discover that the Amagi Corp, headed by Kouga's father, is the cause of all these monsters, and we find Jin's origins, and then fighting, lots of beautiful violence.

The art reaaallly makes me think about Berserk

My Thoughts
Zetman gets a bad rep, mainly because of the mediocre anime adaptation that had potential to be great, which is sad really, because the series tells an incredible story. Just because it resembles Berserk in tone and art, doesn't mean it does in story, and the story is an incredible blend of cyberpunk, action, and tragedy, the villains vary from the deeply evil abominations, to beings with legitimate feelings and ideals, and it makes you think at times. The manga draws vibes of the American classic Watchmen, in how it takes on concepts like heroes sense of justice, and the purpose of heroes in general, and plays off American comics to the point where I could see this being a DC comic, if not for it's distinct manga vibe. But it also takes the best from manga, in terms of pacing; arcs keep going like a roller coaster, and when it ends you have the fastpass, and another promptly starts, there weren't many portions when I just wanted something to happen already.

I had visions of Rorschach at times, it's like Alan Moore is secretly writing the whole series

Beyond story and tone, and themes, lies art, and Masakazu Katsura creates incredible art. It's clear why he was chosen to design the heroes in Tiger and Bunny because his designs pop out, from giant shrimp monsters, to a boy in a robotic suit, when things are supposed to be scary, I knew, and when Kouga came in, his suit almost makes him look like a white knight, a perfect analogy. The manga's art is almost as good as it's with Berserk's epic battles giving it an edge in my opinion. But, what I really like about the series, is the the thought provoking nature, and the science fiction art only enhances the feel, kudos to the assistants, along with the artists for creating some beautiful backdrops, wow.

This is what I mean about thought provoking, although maybe it wont provoke others thoughts :(

Now for all Zetman does right, I have some issues. My first problem, is the total cliche lines at times, I've been sick of hearing "I must protect everything!" for a long time now, and I didn't escape that here at times, and even though one of the protagonist is supposed to be one of those pure characters, it's still annoying. Another issue I have is the tangled mess of subplots, the story gets hard to keep track of at times, with new groups and random betrayals seemingly appearing out of thin air, but it doesn't detract from the experience all that much, but I had to backtrack some. My last real problem with the series, lies in the fickle characters, who seemingly change their minds about everything, like complete 180's in philosophy, but again, its not that huge of a deal, because without it the plot wouldn't move forward.

Sora's line, is the exact time of cliche crap I hate, same with Riku's

My Verdict

I guess no courtroom gifs of Phoenix Wright exist :x

Zetman is a fantastic manga that we all should at least try, even if you didn't like the anime, I promise, the manga is worlds better, especially if you like Berserk

Love It

(sorry for ripping off your thing folks at Glorio ;)

Next Time on Weekly Read!:

Tentatively of course

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