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Chris Walden's blog
Japanator  Contributor

4:46 PM on 05.13.2014

Thank you and good night.

Oh boy, this is a tough blog to write. It's been about three years since I first started writing for the site. I can remember being in Japan when I received an email from Brad, telling me that my application for an associa...   read

12:41 AM on 04.01.2010

American release for The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

It's April, fools!   read

3:49 PM on 11.05.2009

Aoi Bungaku (No Longer Human) Review

Back when Aoi Bungaku was announced I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the concept. A handful of famous manga artists collaborating to create adaptations of six famous Japanese novels sounded like a winning combination to ...   read

7:25 AM on 10.02.2009

Conventioneering: Bring More to the UK Please!

The main issue us otaku from the United Kingdom have is that there are very few conventions in the first place. We hear tales of the Comic-Con and the Otakon, but unless we travel we can never really experience anything like ...   read

11:45 AM on 09.19.2009

Three Days Without Internet

So, as the title says, I have been internet-less for a while. Why do you care? Stick with me, this is pretty animoo-relevant. So I just got hold of the Andrew W.K. Gundam album, and my god is it awesome. So I wondered, what w...   read

6:11 PM on 08.31.2009

Endless Eight and How it is a Masterpiece

Well it was just a short while ago that Brad posted about the community blogs, encouraging us to become literary geniuses if only on Japanator. One thing got me thinking though, and it was a small comment he made. " End...   read

10:53 AM on 08.20.2009

Spoilers in Anime Openings

If there is anything that gets me hyped up for a new series of anime, it's the opening. Lets face it, anime with dull, boring openings are less attractive to us, so we need a good dose of awesome to keep us watching. What rea...   read

10:49 AM on 08.17.2009

In your community blogs, introducing myself

Before I start, thank you Japanator for finally gifting us with community blogs! Now I've got to find all those disturbing Japanese videos and post them here... *sigh*---So, an introduction. I'm Chris, regular lurker and infr...   read

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