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Crawler3333's blog

9:28 AM on 09.08.2013

Yume Nikki: A Journey Through The Dark.... in 32 bit

These are days in which graphics have great impact in the world of video-games, but it's safe to say that visual aesthetics had its role since this media appeared.Another major aspect that influences a game's success and impa...   read

10:04 AM on 04.16.2013

Jojo: The Animated Series (2012) - Final Impressions

Back in 1987, one of the most awkward ("bizarre", as the complete title says) manga ever conceived made its debut in the pages of Weekly Shōnen Jump. My country (Italy) was lucky enough to see a translated release of the...   read

10:41 AM on 01.14.2013

Check This Out: Fortified School

I know, I know: Japanator blog tips states that you don't have to post stuff one after another. Since I just wrote that blog about dojikkos, I just should restrain myself from writing this recommendation - but "blogger wanted...   read

3:05 PM on 01.02.2013

Random Thoughts: The Dojikko Effect

Each and every person has its own weakness, and I'm truly aware of mine - at least when it comes down to anime female characters: the dojikko. For those who don't know, the dojikko it's a stereotype of female characters very...   read

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