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Crawler3333 avatar 10:41 AM on 01.14.2013  (server time)
Check This Out: Fortified School

I know, I know: Japanator blog tips states that you don't have to post stuff one after another. Since I just wrote that blog about dojikkos, I just should restrain myself from writing this recommendation - but "blogger wanted" they said, and here it's my contribute.

I want to seize the chance to talk you about a manga whose title gave no result when I pushed the "search" button on this website: a dark, gruesome and awesome manga called "Fortified School".

The premises of this manga are not the most cheerful ones: in the year 200X, juvenile crime became a major issue in Japan. The phenomenon became so rampant that the government decided to create a "special" institute whose purpose is to reform the worst individuals of the country. Unfortunately for said subjects, Kyokujito (this is the name of such institute) is actually a prison island from which is virtually impossible to escape - and rest assured, escaping is what every person in his right mind would try do as soon as he gets there. From sadistic teachers to crazy discipline commitee students, Kyokujito is something dangerously near to hell on earth itself.
In this scenario we meet our three unwilling protagonists: the bold and arrogant Gentaro Masuda, the clever Itsuki Takizawa and -last but not least- the mysterious, silent and quite unsettling Mei Mato. Our strange trio will have to uncover the dark secrets of the Kyokujito as they try their best to survive the inhuman "remedial program" that the insitute has in store for them.

With that said, don't fret to label this manga just as another needlessly gruesome story: Fortified School it's not just about the wailing sound of the cry of the wicked. Sure this manga it's obscure and twisted both visually and conceptually, but there is much more than that under its disturbing surface. Deep at its core, it's a tale about sacrifice and heroism as much as it's about madness and cruelty. It's a quest for freedom beyond the dark walls of imprisonment, of light beyond darkness.

P.S.: Being Italian, I had the opportunity to read this manga on my native language. On a quick search on the web, I realized there are no English translations of it (!?!). I hope this article will make somebody (anybody) who can read Japanese to fill this unbelievable gap. For the time being, allow me to express my shock and disappointment with a very well-deserved

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