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I am Destructoid's Editor-In-Chief. I love corgis. I make music.

We love blogging, and sometimes we get so wrapped up in it that we go nuts. I know that "nuts" is pretty normal for Japanator's content, but we want to stay on track with what you like, dear reader.

Tell us: What can we do better for you? How can we make you more happy? With big changes, like our company headquarters moving to San Francisco earlier this year, comes more changes, like additions and upgrades to the network sites.

We want to make Japanator a destination. We want to continue to go nuts, but in the best, most focused way. Most importantly, we want to keep you reading.

Tell us what Japanator can do better. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. They'll go straight to the top of the food chain, up to Jtor HQ and beyond.