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Derrick Crow avatar 12:28 AM on 10.15.2012  (server time)
My top 5 favorite anime:

As this is my first blog post, we'll make things a light read this time around with a list of my top 5 favorite anime and why:

1. Eureka Seven

Why: There are only good things I can say about this series, it's sophisticated, it takes its characters and story seriously, it delves deep into the hard-pressing questions of sci-fi, and it's a romantic story.

For one, I really like romantic stories about fighting for the love you believe in. And to see Renton grow, and Eureka grow, to become an adult and to become human... by the end of the series there's nothing else to do but cheer them on.

This is what I hold all romantic stories up to now. It is just so inspiring to see the lengths everyone in this anime goes to for the ones they cherish the most.

2. Paprika

Why: This is your brain on anime!

Because this is simply a pure joy to watch, it has become my favorite overall movie. Not just anime, but overall movie (a spot originally held by Flight Plan and Rudy) and I don't think anything will overtake this one, it is so layered that it takes multiple viewings of it just to understand all of it.

I am always catching new things when I watch it, and I feel like I did a good job of understanding its entirety the first time I watched it.

I love movies that pull you in and go, "Hey! Pay attention to me!" and this does it in spades. I like that it makes you think, instead of simply being a popcorn flick that lets you shut off your brain.
Too many films these days are arbitrary to doing just that, and although I am a proponent for enjoying a film or too and letting my mind just wander, the best movies to me are those that get me to think about whats going on.

3. Sailor Moon

Why: I am a big sucker for things being special, and this happened to end up being my very first anime ever.

I discovered it alongside Dragon Ball Z, Gundam, Tenchi Muyo, Rourouni Kenshin, Pokemon, Digimon, and Cardcaptor Sakura.

But this was the very first. And that keeps it sitting nicely in a very special place in my heart. This was such a fun series to watch as a kid, and still is today.

4. s-CRY-ed

Why: Well, around the time I started watching this, I was still only seeing long-running anime, this is one of the first short-running anime (at 26 episodes) that I had ever seen, it helped show me that anime could be short, sweet, and to the point without being so long-winded and drawing things out.

I instantly fell in love with the alter ability and had wished so hard I could have alter powers. The rivalry between Kazuma (or Kazekun as Kanami called him) & Ryuho was one to rival that of Vegeta and Goku from DBZ and definitely one of the most intense.

Seeing that final fight between them made perfect sense and the ending was even left open to interpretation, even though it was fairly obvious who won. I like that it was left open for possible continuation and would love to see a good sequel to this series.

5. Noein: To Your Other Self

Why: Okay... I have debated long and hard for ages about what my 5th favorite anime is. And for a long time I could not decide. But, after long amounts of thought I finally decided on Noein, because it was really good. It was high sci-fi mixed with romance, mixed with everyday Joes, mixed with inter-dimensional sea horses and the freaking Oroborialis!

True, the mix of CGI and 2-D animation wasn't perfect, but it hardly ever is. So you take what you can, and this series offered up inter-dimensional time travel, parallel worlds, a villain who was really freaking crazy and love story that literally branched beyond time and space.

My one REAL complaint about this series was the ending... it wrapped to fast in a single episode. It should have given itself more time to breath. Maybe defeat the villain in episode 23 and then use the final 24th episode to wrap everything up. That would have been better. Or perhaps even give it 2 more episodes, either would have benefited.


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