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Derrick Crow avatar 4:46 PM on 11.24.2012  (server time)
New Doraemon movie gets theme song from Perfume!

It was announced at the end of techno-pop trio Perfume's 1st Asian Tour, where they finished up the 4-Country tour yesterday in Singapore, that the group will be singing and performing the theme song for the next Doraemon movie, Nobita no Himitsu no Dougu Hakubutsukan (Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum) and is slated for a March 9, 2013 release.

The song is called Mirai no Museum, which translates to The Museum of the Future.

Special thanks to a friend of mine on Facebook for the image. :)

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This is wonderful news, as this marks a huge leap for the trio into the popular and huge world of anime, a place never touched by the group before.

*A little history on Perfume:

Perfume is a techno-pop trio made up of 3 girls, Kashiyuka, A~chan and Nocchi. They are backed by the synth and future electro sounds of their composer and producer Yasutaka Nakata.

The group formed in 2000 for their Actors School in Hiroshima as a local pop idol group. It would be 5 years of local indie releases until they got discovered by Yasutaka Nakata who gave them their big break. The group got popular fast with their song Polyrhythm and immediately began releasing hit song after hit song under records label Tokuma Japan Communications.

In 2011, their song Polyrhythm was chosen as an insert into the movie Cars 2 as the film's director John Lasseter was a big fan of the girls. This gave them another push that they needed into the global market as they moved over to label Universal Music Japan and released their first global compilation album, Love the World.

As Perfume continues to grow bigger, let's hope their resonance will be felt through the airwaves and now the anime world for a long time to come. :)

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