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Derrick Crow avatar 2:29 PM on 10.24.2012  (server time)
TARI TARI - Recommend/Final Impressions

Tari Tari is a freshly grown 2012 slice-of-life anime that features a spunky young ragtag team of moe characters who bash through the world of childhood into the responsibility-laced planet of adult decisions as they face the struggles of being told by the older generation that the mere dreams of the young are foolish and they should concede to the sad reality of doing what your told without review.

But they are getting a review, right now, as I recently stumbled upon this anime through suggestion and found it lying around on Hulu just ready to be viewed. And from episode 1 I was immediately hooked. Produced by P.A. Works and licensed for North American release by Sentai Filmworks, I can easily recommend this being added to your immediate wish list once it hits shelves.

Our illustrious cast of misfits.

The series is 13 episodes long and opens with one of our main characters, Konatsu Miyamoto, being kicked out of her Choral Club (its a Choir Club, but in this anime it is specifically called Choral Club) for having stage fright by her instructor/vice principal; even though Miyamoto so sorely loves to sing and dance. She then goes off to form her own Choir Club (and sometimes Badminton club) by roping in musical-savant-turned-hater-of-music Wakana Sakai, horse-loving archer Sawa Okita, former-Badminton Club leader Taichi Tanaka, and finally the ever-confused by Japanese culture foreigner from Germany, Atsuhiro "Wien" Maeda (Wein is his nickname for where he is from, Vienna in Germany; Wein is German for Vienna).

The series then focuses on these characters own personal lives tying into their life in the Choir Club; Miyamoto just wants to prove her self worth as a performer, Sakai is trying to move on after her mother passed away and has left this huge legacy of singing hanging over her daughters head; Sawa cant convince her father to let her go to Equestrian school (thats where you learn to become a horse jockey) and become the thing she wants to be the most; Tanaka is just trying to find his place while he awaits his next attempt to become a Badminton champion; and Wein is trying understand his new life in Japan and make wonderfully good memories.

The WestShopRangers are here to protect your curry!

The story actually has a nice pace to it, although I do wish it would have gone a little bit longer, it was still able to give each character the arcs they need to become compelling and to really care about them. The music is very beautiful and very fun jumping from orchestral to J-Pop to classical sounding; it never allows you to get bored. This is also very full of depressing moments where you just want to rip your eye balls out from the tears. You could a lot of work and care went into making this series special.

The production values and animation is top notch and crisp as a whistle, really utilizing the technology we have today in the 21st century. Too often do I see anime that seems to cut corners on the animation and CGI just to get the product out, that it never feels as if they cared anything about it and just wanted to make a quick buck. In Tari Tari however, even the CGI blends flawlessly into working with the 2-D animation that even while watching I had trouble at times even telling CGI was used in the scene.

The voice cast her was top notch as well, as you never got the since of any voice sounding whiny, high-pitched or nasally. It all sounds natural within the context of the characters and how they act. Speaking of the characters, everyone is so smart in this and not in a genius kind of way but in a common sense kind of way. Some of them make mistakes, sure, but they learn and grow from those mistakes and they feel like genuine kids becoming adults. They are so fun too, reminding me so much of me and my friends when we hang out together.

Tanaka and Wein warm-up before Choir practice.

Theres really not much bad I can say for this series, if I had to though I would say for the large cast it did boast (including side characters), I wish it had been able to give everyone who really had a hand in the finale a chance to flesh out more. I think the Vice Principal needed this treatment the most; I dont completely buy her explanations for being a cold hearted woman for the first half of the series.

Overall though, I give Tari Tari 4 choir club members out of the mandatory 5.

So do yourself a favor, and go check it out right now before its cool.

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