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Final Verdict? If you liked the first two, you'll like this one. It's a pretty quality adaptation of a wonderfully complex and interesting manga series.

An exerpt:

"For those of you who would rather avoid any and all spoilers concerning the third film in the 20TH CENTURY BOYS series, let me state here and now: if you at all enjoyed the first two movies you will enjoy the third and final film just as much as– if not more than– the previous. Director Yukihiko Tsutsumi provides a satisfying and all-encompassing finale to a trilogy that had a great deal of sub-plots and loose ends to tie up. Against all odds, Tsutsumi manages to provide the sort of closure that few manga adaptations are granted. So let out a big sigh of relief; 20Th CENTURY BOYS 3: REDEMPTION (20-Seiki Shonen: Saishusho-Bokura no Hata, 2009) does not disappoint."