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Gee-Man's blog

2:47 PM on 07.24.2011

Sunday Sketches 30 - Crossover Pt.2 Edition!

And here we are folks, at the 30th edition of Sunday Sketches! Hard to believe I'm still doing this up till now, but I just gotta keep chugging along. No time to stop now!T'was my birthday this week so I didn't have too much ...   read

7:59 PM on 07.17.2011

Sunday Sketches 29 - Crossover Edition!

<p> Here we are folks, at Week 29 of Sunday Sketches! I really don't got much to say. Like seriously, I got nothing guys. Oh well, art! Larger version here Did this little piece here at the request of an online fr...   read

9:42 PM on 07.15.2011

Sunday Sketches 28 - Cowboys (Original Art) Edition!

***7-15-11 EDIT: Whoops, didn't know updating the cblog would bring it up all the way to the top again. Just ignore this, I just changed the art a bit, nothing else new to see here.***It's still Sunday damn it! At least from ...   read

2:11 PM on 07.03.2011

Sunday Sketches 27 - Not Anime Related Edition!

Hey guys, welcome to Sunday Sketches number 27! That title wasn't a joke kids, if you don't want to see fanart that has nothing whatsoever to do with anime, turn back and go back from whence you came. Besides, the weather is ...   read

3:36 PM on 06.26.2011

Sunday Sketches 26 - Cyberspace Edition!

Hey all, welcome to Sunday Sketches 26! Not much to say, just getting by, one day at a time. Things are looking up for me for the time being, though I'm going to avoid getting optimistic for the time being, haha.That said, I ...   read

5:20 PM on 06.19.2011

Sunday Sketches 25 - Actual (Original Art) Robots Edition!

Hey all, week 25, such and such, etc. It's Father's day so hopefully you're all treating the fine individuals who decided not to wear a condom that one time with the respect and reverence they deserve.But seriously, I can't r...   read

5:25 PM on 06.12.2011

Sunday Sketches 24 - Gee-Man was here Edition!

Hi everybody. I want everyone to know there's a reason I post things every Sunday without fail. It's because I refuse to compromise. If I let things go until a bit past Monday, then next time I'll let things slide until Tuesd...   read

11:55 AM on 06.05.2011

Sunday Sketches 23 - Underrated Manga Edition! (Part 2)

Hey all and welcome to Sunday Sketches 23! Life has been looking up for me and I have to say, it's definitely showing in my artwork, I think. Hopefully everyone else is starting to enjoy their summers as well.But that aside, ...   read

5:55 PM on 05.29.2011

Sunday Sketches 22 - Underrated Manga Edition!

Alternative Title: Gee-Man says you should totally check out The Lucifer and Biscuit HammerDon't worry folks, this isn't really a review or anything, just my own comments to go alongside this week's artwork.I'm not one to rea...   read

5:31 PM on 05.22.2011

Sunday Sketches 21 - Work in Progress Edition!

Hey all, turns out the world didn't end after all, which means that we've made it to the 21st edition of Sunday Sketches! Huzzah?As the title might have informed you all, I don't have anything really finished today. But wait!...   read

5:07 PM on 05.15.2011

Sunday Sketches 20 - Reach out to the truth Edition!

Welcome to the 20th edition of Sunday Sketches. I'm feeling much better these days, though now I'm starting to end up in an artistic slump. Life just can't give me a break huh? Still, managed to make something so that's gotta...   read

12:34 AM on 05.09.2011

Sunday Sketches 19 - Sketchdump Edition!

Hey all, and welcome to the 19th edition of Sunday Sketches! Unfortunately, I haven't fully recovered from my sickness, but I do feel much better. Unfortunately, life seems to have it out for me and as I recover from one setb...   read

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