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9:49 PM on 02.21.2014

My Favorite Anime Endings: これは命令だ!読んで!(TL: READ THIS)

Alright nuggets, butts in chairs and listen up. I'm hijacking this class to educate you all on some of the finer points of my taste in Japanese Cartoon music. I took time from my busy schedule to write this list - time that could've been spent helping my beutiful AD Caryy literal-Ice-Queen waifu, Ashe, to victory in League of Legends, so you better read it all!

After diving through my entire horribly incomplete and out of date MAL anime list and my physical anime collection, I noticed two things, 1) Gundam has consistently more great EDs than any other franchise I've seen yet, and 2) this whole contest is a punch in the feels and nostalgia.

The Gundam franchise pretty consistently has great ending themes, and I'm not even saying that from the perspective of a Gundam nut. Most series will use an A-list song for the OP as a hook, and then they'll do whatever for the ED since the viewers just sat through the show and will probably stick around anyways for the preview. Not Gundam though...

One of the first that comes to mind is "Anna ni issho datta no ni" (あんなに一緒だったのに - We were so close together) by See-Saw, the original ending for Gundam Seed. I don't even like Gundam Seed and I have to say it had a fantastic first ending. The others were alright, but this one hit #5 on the Oricon weekly singles charts.

The video for it was rather simplistic, using a sliding background still of the characters in various poses with beaten up mobile suits strewn about, but it was a beautiful art piece and it fit the content and the mood of the song well. I WOULD have liked to linked the video instead of explaining it, but... well... youtube failed me. As a compromise, here's Kalafina singing it live. Yeah, you know your song is awesome when Kalafina does a cover of it.

I could fill this whole piece with nothing but Gundam endings since there are so many great ones, but since this is supposed to be a list of my favorites, I'll just list a few of the other spectacular ones so we can move on:

Gundam Seed Destiny ED1 - "Reason" by Nami Tamaki
Gundam 08th MS Team ED1 - "Ten Years After"by Chihiro Yonekura
Gundam X ED1 - "Human Touch" by Warren Wiebe <-- Written and sung in English. Gundam X's ED2 was the same song, translated and sung in Japanese, but even many Japanese fans consider the English version better
Gundam F91 - "Eternal Wind" by Shimokawa Mikuni - Technically a movie ending, but it's one a lot of people overlook

Moving on, at number three of my top three picks is Rurouni Kenshin ED3 - "Heart of Sword" by T.M.Revolution

Introducing this one is kind of silly since if there's one song from the Rurouni Kenshin anime anyone knows, it's this. It helped put TMR on the map, and it was the only ED they used parts of for the English TV airing on Toonami.
Fun fact: During the original Japanese airing, "Heart of Sword" was replaced by "The Fourth Avenue Cafe", but when one of Le Arc En Ciel's (now former) band members was arrested on drug charges, they brought it back for a while until the fifth ending was ready.


Bakemonogatari ED1 - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by Supercell (君の知らない物語 - The Story You Don't Know)

Hmm? what's that? There's a link there that takes you to the Amazon store?

Seriously. it's a dollar for one of the best songs ever made. Forget anime endings - heck, forget anime, this song stands out.

Yanagi Nagi's vocals could be accurately described as having the smoothness of Haagen Dazs and the complex yet deep sweetness of dark chocolate. For your ears. If I just made you hungry, good. The song will cost you less than a third the price for a pint of good ice cream, and it tastes even better.

I'd love to talk about the actual video too, with it's interesting wispy art style provided by Ueda Hajime of a strange landscape with the characters moving by, but alas youtube has failed me again and removed all instances of the actual sequence.

Now, before I list my number one choice, allow me to show you what my number one choice is most certainly NOT:




The original Gundam Wing ending was a painfully unfitting attrocity against man called "It's Just Love" by Rumi Onishi. The song itself was alright on it's own, but it completely clashed with the tone of a show like Wing. Even scarier was the video, which featured the questionably insane Relena staring at you... STARING AT YOU WITH THOSE EYES. THOSE EYES OH GOD. And then prancing around having fun with safari animals.

It made no sense.

No, what is actually my top choice for favorite anime ending is a megaton hammer of nostalgia that will surprise absolutely no one:

(remastered to look better than it ever did too)

The North American Toonami version of the Gundam Wing ED. Stripping out "It's Just Painful[sic]" in it's entirety, the brilliant minds of Cartoon Network at the time decided to cobble together a short ending credits sequence using video clips from the "Just Communication" OP and using an otherwise completely unused song track from the Japanese Gundam Wing 1st Operation Soundtrack. Yes, for some reason the classic saxophone guitar brilliance we know and love was made years before Toonami was even a thought as a song on the soundtrack that was never used in the series proper until Toonami came along.

And with that...

11:03 PM on 04.18.2011

Real fans build stuff in Minecraft

For a little over a year now, my friends and I have been running a minecraft multiplayer server between us. Over time, we've all worked on some amazing projects, whether it be gigantic Gurren-dan logos on fire or full replicas of the Angel Beats Campus (I'm still working on it). Since I finally finished one of my ambitious long term projects recently, I decided to upload a video tour to youtube to show you all.

This time my project was the Ogawa Apartment complex from Kara no Kyoukai's fifth chapter, Paradox Spiral. The building plays a key role in the movie, intentionally designed to confuse the occupants without their knowing, and I've done my best to replicate everything in detail, right down to the floor and wall designs. I've also included reference shots throughout the video for you all to compare with.

Also, I've included an omake with some older projects of mine that follow the Type Moon theme. Hope you all enjoy!

[embed]19244:899[/embed]   read

12:39 AM on 12.05.2009

My Favorite Tsundere: Rin Tohsaka

It's times like these I have to thank Carl Gustav Jung. If he hadn't coined the concept of archetypes, we would probably never had the concept of tsundere, and I would be a much less happy person. It's no coincidence that a lot of the characters I like in the shows I watch tend to be tsundere, but no tsundere has ever gone so far as to define my idea of perfection as Rin Tohsaka.

To everyone in her school she is the image of perfection - beautiful, top grades, helpful - but to the privileged few who know her secret of being a magus, she's powerful and calculating, yet quite rash and emotional when cornered, and not without her own flaws. She always plans ahead and never rushes into a situation without some consideration, but sometimes her plans can crumble from unexpected circumstances, and it's then that she has a hard time countering.

Rin is definitely one who's actions speak at least as loud as her words. As much as her tsun-tsun side may deny liking someone, how many girls out there would give away their absolute greatest treasure to save that person's life?

Beware should you get on her bad side however. Naru may punch you comically into orbit, Misaka might shock you with extreme voltage, and Senjougahara might stab your eye with a pen, but how many girls can lock you in an inescapable soundproof barrier, shoot you only by pointing their finger (no coin required), make you sicker than N1H1 just with a touch, and rip out the nerves in your arms while still conscious? That's not something to laugh at, though it does add a bit of liveliness to the relationship.

Her taunting words can be prickly sometimes, but just like a rose, if you can handle the thorns then you can savor the beauty more closely as well. Her clever spins to conversations make her hard to argue against, but if you're able to win and catch her off, her reactions only make it more enjoyable. Even when she's teasing however, she can be incredibly dere in her own way. Sometimes she'll yank you out on a date out of the blue and make a picnic basket herself in preparation herself. Other times she'll prepare amazing meals under the guise of "proving she's at least as good a cook".

To top it all off, she's got great fashion sense and is a drop dead beauty to behold. She started the twin tails and zettai ryouiki combination, even before Tamaki Kosaka. Her excellent choice of casual wear with short miniskirt and custom long sleeve shirt makes for a unique yet pleasing to the eye combination. Sometimes though, this can result in a sensory overload when used in tandem with certain poses. I tend to agree with Shirou on this:

When it all comes together, everything about her, from her brilliant mind, and strict teaching, to her caring personality, cute teasing, and absolute beauty, Rin Tohsaka is the closest I've ever seen to a true goddess. And that is why ever since I first saw her, she's remained my favorite tsundere.   read

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