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1:41 PM on 01.04.2013

Comiket 83! Music edition!!

Yesterday I wrote about some of my favorite games to come out of this year's Comiket, Japan's biggest self-published book fair. Today, let me show you some of the music released. This is not a complete list, but rather what I loved. There's a LOT of music coming out of Comiket, and I'll point you to Vermillion Grey to see the full list. Each album I loved will be followed by a crossfade sample when available so you can get an idea. Some of them are on the artists' sites so scroll down a bit if you don't see it at first.

Force - Cleanero

A vibrant and colorful pop rock album by the duo Cleanero composed of Clear and Nero. A fun album for an afternoon replaying your favorite JRPG, with a mug of hot chocolate and some cookies. The album has six tracks. Fun facts: Clear likes sweet things, and Nero likes glitter and ice cream.


Snow Ground - Felt

Snow Ground is Felt's 9th album. The tracks range from Pop to Rock and Electronica, Liquid DnB and even Dance Pop! With a mix of vocal and non vocal tracks, in Japanese and English, it's surprisingly good at staying coherent. The songs can be very different but they feel like a whole. You should really give this one a try!

Hikari - Buta-Otome

Let me preface this by saying I love the cover art. The artsyle blends in with the music the most out of all the ones in this list. Expect some pop, some rock, but also some jazz in this: an 8 track album with captivating melodies and sweet vocals. Your commute will fly by with this one.


Double Key - Zytokine

"But Isshak, do you only listen to Pop Rock?" No, no I don't. Zytokine's Double Key is a wonderful electro and house mix, with a bit of pop sprinkled on top. Expect lots of featuring on the 12 track album with appearances by Aki, Cold Kiss, Itori, Syo and 坂上なち.

No crossfade for this one, sorry! Here's a link to one of the tracks. You pretty much like this or you don't.

Activity Case01: Graveyard Memories - Get In The Ring

A quick 4 track (two vocals and two instrumental versions) pop rock album by Get In The Ring. Short and sweet. Also wins best title in this list.



The next three albums are my absolute favorite. You have got to give them a listen. The production is outstanding for each and every one, and

Sin - Primary

Mostly rock with some very good use of synth, in Japanese and English, Primary's 10th album is amazing. The songs are extremely well paced. I feel like I'm on an emotional adventure when I listen to the songs, all six of them. It feels like I'm being told a story.


Fuyuhotaru - Liz Triangle

Pop, electronic, DnB and rock, with amazing (amazing!) vocals by lily-an, this album sets a very interesting mood as you progress through the seven tracks. Lots of energy and I love it, at times it's like the singer is talking to you. Again, the feeling of being taken on a ride is here and it's great.


And finally, ladies and gentleman, my absolute favorite album of this year's Comiket, provided without commentary. I did not expect male vocals to win me over like this album did but that's what happened. Just give it a go. I hope you liked what you listened to. Tell me what your favorites were!

Star Ocean - Tanabata


11:19 AM on 01.03.2013

Comiket 83! Dojin soft ahoy!

Comiket 83 just happened and boy are some of the games this year awesome. It's the first year where I'm really paying attention to the music and the games that came out of it, and I'm loving what I'm seeing. Lots of Touhou games as usual, but some original content came out too! Here are some of my favorites.

Phantasmal Summoners

It's a Next Saga clone with a Pokemon like twist and Touhou characters. You explore dungeons and battle monsters. Sometimes you'll capture the monsters that you can then summon in battle with you. You also find cards in chests to boost your party's stats. I can't tell you what's happening storywise since I can't read Japanese, but the gameplay is a lot of fun to discover and the visuals are nice.


Magical Battle Festa

I haven't tried that one yet and I'm not even a fan of magical girl anime, but a quick look at the screens had me hooked. It looks like a crazy amount of fun and they seemed to have pulled off the feel of epic magical fights in the air! It's running on the same engine as Touhou Sky Arena which I liked a lot. I hope it has an online component.



This one I've played and man oh man it's so awesome. It's a highly stylized schmup in 3D, it looks beautiful and a must for any action fan, whether mech or otherwise. What is really amazing about this game is that the perspective keeps changing. It's not just top down, it switches from time to time and you're never bored. Only the demo's out for now. I can't wait for this one!



A racing game if it had been touched by an anime angel. I'm not crazy excited about this one but I am very curious. It's the expansion to a game to a sequel to a game released at Comiket in 2004 by fans of the original. Japanese fans really are the most passionate huh?

Trailer (it's not Youtube so I can't embed it):

Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade Demo

The new Touhou fighter from Tasofro (Twilight Frontier). This time, the characters constantly fly. The 2D animations are gorgeous and the music kind of catchy. Three characters are available in the demo: Reimu, Marisa, and Ichirin, along with two stages. I'm not a big fan of fighters but I had a lot of fun playing this one.




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