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9:57 AM on 01.03.2013

Yaoi-Through the Donut Hole!

Well I would like to start my first blog... EVER... with something I am truly passionate about. YAOI!
Now I know that some of you will absolutely hate this, however, I will keep it clean... as much as I can anyway.
I'd like to start off with how I came to like, moreover love, this particular genre of Japanese creativity. I was just sat innocently watching Vampire Knight, when all of a sudden this really bizarre, not to mention out-of-the-blue thought crossed my mind. Wouldn't it be lovely if Zero and Kaname had this whirlwind romance? I had to blink a few times before it actually registered what I'd thought. I mean I'd heard my younger sister going on about Yaoi and Shounen Ai... and I was fresh to the Anime world... kind of, so I was more for the girl/boy coupling rather than the other, mainly because I was oblivious to any other world. The art work draws me in too... such workings of Odagiri Hotaru... her work is simply beautiful.
Anyway, on this thought, I figured... maybe it's time for a change in genre... and so thus begins my marvellous adventure of Shounen Ai. I looked around for the more "discreet" versions, because I tend to blush and get embarrassed easily with anything else... that's when I got recommended the two most beautiful stories I'd EVER seen. Sekai ichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica. I became really infatuated with that world... and scouted for more. I came to the conclusion that there aren't as many Yaoi or Shounen Ai anime... and there SHOULD BE!! Granted it isn't to some people's tastes but I am sure there are a lot more fans of this genre than just me, infact I know there would be plenty of fans completely insane with nosebleeds if there were more... ME ESPECIALLY!
In this particular genre, there are two words which are well known, some of you are probably wondering what they mean and some of you already know... I suppose quite a lot of you who adore this genre as much as me know this already. Both male parties are often called a Seme or a Uke... these are quite extraordinary conceptions of their personalities. A Seme is said to be the "top" whilst the Uke is "below." My favourite in a boy/boy relationship is the Uke... I often find myself quite taken with them LOL. The Uke is known to be more feminine in the relationship... and often shies away from the "intimate relations" which I find quite hilarious with Misaki Takahashi... he's one of my favourite type of Uke.
However, I was becoming more and more inpatient with how little anime there was and I decided to dig a little deeper... meaning... slightly more "hard-core" which was the only way to keep my passion alive. I swallowed my embarrassment joined a page on facebook... the creator posted a lot of hardcore Yaoi and this made me become less shy. This lead to me facing Yaoi head-on... I began reading manga and fell in love with all the ones I've read so far. I have an account on My Anime List and I scored pretty high on everything I've read or seen.
People ask me sometimes how I can give a high score on everything I watch... the truth is, I know if I find an anime or manga to be even slightly boring or know that I'd give it a low score... I won't watch it. I'll only watch the ones I know I'll like. I know I give high marks for everything, but that's because I know what I like. For example. I love romantic anime, but don't like action so much. I hate sad animes so I stir clear of those.... I know I'm missing out, but I also know I'd be heartbroken afterwards. Air was devastating, as was Full Moon wo Sagashite... I couldn't bring myself to watch any more of the sad ones so I took a back-seat and wanted "feel good" anime/manga. The Yaoi I read is sometimes tragic but it doesn't say it's sad on the genre... and once I get to that part... I grit my teeth and read to the end... luckily they have had happy endings so far.
I'm drifting off-topic slightly, but my main point for this is... If I love things so much I score them high.
I can't really say what Yaoi means to me... people think it's just two guys getting it on, but in some cases, it's not. There are issues just like any other anime, they have to struggle through certain things to make it a happy ending... and yes they do have "intimate relations" but why is that different from any other anime? Two guys, two girls, a boy and girl... it doesn't matter really, if you're in love, you're in love... you can't help who it's with.
I bid the farewell... for now lol. I can ramble about Yaoi all day... but I feel I've done enough for now. My regular updates will probably be about a particular thing I've read or watched... most probably more about yaoi manga. I don't particularly know if this is right... is this a blog? LOL I'm such a noob!
Anyway... my title is thanks to Usami 'Usagi' Akihiko... I think in one of the episodes of Junjou Romantica he entitles his novel... Through the Donut Hole, which Misaki "happens" to have in his hands... I think lol. SO CUTE!
Thank you for reading this... my pictures are of Ayase Yukiya (4)- a Uke in Okane ga Nai and the one I mentioned before... Misaki Takahashi (2)- Uke in Junjou Romantica.   read

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