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KagatoTEG avatar 8:02 AM on 10.30.2010  (server time)
Happy Halloween Part 2- I am the Pumpkin King, PUNNNK!

My last post featured my Pumpkin Lantern creations of last year.

This year, I've made three more so far.

But first, the Pumpkin King demands Sacrifice of The Mind!

Solve my Pumpkin Puzzle to progress!

25 Picarats

A Gamer has a Pumpkin which he decides to carve into a Pumpkin Lantern based on a Popular Video Game Character. However for some reason they seemed to have missed out a detail. Can you identify the missing detail?

(Click image to see Large version)

||- Pipe.


A True Gentlemen Never Smokes In The Presence Of A Child.

23 Picarats

||-Top Hat


Another Mystery Solved!

(Click to see Large version)

As you can see, I started off this year with more simple designs....

And then I jumped headlong at a more complex design of a Kickass Vampire...


(Click for large version, click Here for a slightly brighter version where I used a longer exposure...)

See the Oxford Anime Soc are showing good old Hellsing this year.... Ah Helllsing... I remember showing it as a Random in my first year there, then later that year they showed the whole thing because it had such a positive reaction...

Funny story from last night. Before we showed Hellsing, my Pumpkin here as set as the desktop on the laptop we're using. As Hellsing began to play, something seemed to be wrong, and the Laptop's owner jumped up, and started to do something with the Laptop, while Hellsing's Opening continued to play on the Projector screen. For half a second suddenly, the Screen decided to show... the Desktop, revealing my Pumpkin in all its glory (before it was shown in breaks, so lights were on, and the Projector image wasn't very clear). It wasn't timed perfectly, but the very fact that an Alucard Pumpkin Lantern had flashed up during the Opening Animation was enough to set most of us laughiing...

I'm still unsure if I'll still do more this year. That may require me to go out and buy more, and I don't know if there are any still around. I'll either amend them to the end of this, or make a new topic, depending on the number and level of Awesome....

Until then....

Pumpkin King!

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