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Kristina is a freelance photographer and writer from Miami now moved to Japan. She's a hardcore nerd culture enthusiast, Disney fan, sunflower admirer, and book slinger. Tweet her @geekerydo.

For a full look at where she writes and where you can keep up with her work, check out http://geekerydo.blogspot.com.

(above: Menma swimsuit figure by Max Factory. More here.)

I've stepped away from my work here on Japanator to give more attention to other things, like taking longer walks, reading more, and focusing more attention on my other gigs. Though you won't be seeing my book reviews, culture, food, and travel-related posts, and art galleries on Jtor any more, you can keep seeing them spread around the other places I write at if you care to keep up with me personally. They're all topics I'm passionate about outside of the scope of what I did here for 3+ years.

I'm on:

Blogger (topics: general nerding out, books, comics, and food)
Wordpress (topics: photo and travel)

I'm still the Managing Editor at Tomopop, where we write about all sorts of toys and collectibles from various corners of nerddom, and I write about food and books (mostly) on GeekeryDo. Have you ever wondered what Japanese school children eat for lunch? I write about it (pictures included) every school day. The long and short of it is bentou lunches aren't allowed, and we (students + staff) all share the same meal.

Preview of the awesome food my elementary school students and I enjoy:

(above: bread with chocolate spread, salad, beef stew)

I also mentioned in one of my last posts here that I would be writing about bentou lunches and sharing images of the plum and cherry blossoms as Japan comes into the season. I'm still doing it, they just won't be hosted here. The easiest way to keep up with my work is to check my regular link dumps on GDo or just following me on Twitter or G+. 

It's been fun, but I'm needed elsewhere. So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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