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Lifesong avatar 11:16 PM on 01.03.2012  (server time)
Hire Me Tip Time

So right off the bat let me say that this is not a real hire me blog but rather my attempt as a community member at seeing this community grow. Now forgive me for a moment while I act about as pretentious as is possible and explain something important to anyone who is or has tried writing a review for this whole "hire me" deal...

Drooling is bad!

See how cute yamada is here drooling on her bear? You are NOT this cute.

I think it's safe to say the vast majority of Japanator's reader base likes anime. Most of us love to talk about the anime we like and share it with our friends. In the past I've often read reviews and thought this is awful I bet I can do better. I learned something when I started writing about anime. There is a massive! difference between what is enjoyed and what is quality. It can be really difficult to tell the difference if you have not tried writing about anime before but trust me it's an important point that needs to be understood. I have a few tips for anyone considering writing one of these.

1. Pick something you hate!
Or at least something that is not your ZOMG! BEST EVER NERGGASM ORGY TIME!. It's natural to write about something you don't like because while you are watching it those points jump out at you. When you are talking about something you love the tendency is to gush or drool all over it. No one wants to read that. If you are having a hard time thinking about something subjectively DO NOT review it!

2. Try to understand both the target audience and the reception it had.
This seems simple enough but so many anime reviewers are guilty of screwing this up. Ask yourself these questions before you start writing your review. What was this anime trying to be? who was it made for? why was it received the way it was? If you can't answers these questions chose something else.

3. Stay on target!
When you are writing a review what people want to read about is the anime or game you are reviewing. NOTyour uncle Fred and how he hates all anime that wasn't made 20 years ago.

4. Word Count.
750 is the minimum... seriously it is. I don't know how people are missing this but they are so here it is.

I'm sure if stop and think about it longer I can give more tips but if you manage these 4 you are doing pretty good.

Most reviews are boring!

This is an average reaction to the average review.

There really isn't much personality in a review, honestly half the time people will just look at the pictures you leave and your final score and leave. That is all they come for because it's just a review. If you are having a hard time writing a good review I have a few suggestions for other things you can write about.

Something this site does even more of than reviews and I bet none of you even considered it! Try taking a bit of recent and relevant news and write something up about it. I doubt the staff will care if it's something that has already been covered just go for it.

Opinion Piece
Alright so I will admit these are a lot harder to write BUT it's a great way to show off your personality a bit. This is not something for anyone but if you really want to write about your favorite anime or game and failed my number 2 this is the way to do it. If you chose to do this there are two things to keep in mind.

1. This is not about the quality!
This time it's about you and something you got out of the anime or game or w/e it is you want to write up. This is NOT a review. If you start reviewing in the middle of an opinion piece you will bore your reader. Bored readers close web pages and you don't want that.

2. Pick a topic and stick with it.
Just like a review you want to stay on target. If your opinion is that K-On! sucks monkey balls because Yui! is dumber than a monkey make your point and stick to it. Don't go off on a tangent about how moe is the bane of the universe. If it doesn't support your main point don't write it!

Alright and there you have it. The most pretentious blog I've posted on Japanator is now complete. I will leave with just a few more words of wisdom. Have fun! I've been told by a receptionist that the trick to the job is keeping a smile on your face even though they can't see you. Same thing applies here. If you are bored you will bore your reader. If you have fun it just might come through.

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