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Lifesong avatar 9:44 PM on 08.17.2011  (server time)
JManga My Experience

J-Manga is a new legal source for Manga on the web. opened it's site to the public today and so I decided to check them out. I browsed around for a bit before opening any manga and found that everything is obviously very new, they even openly acknowledge the site is still in beta so I decided to try and be forgiving of small errors and mistakes. Well my mentality didn't last very long as I found my self face-palming at the summary for the very first manga I decided to click on "Fate/Stay Night".

"This is a comic version of a popular personal computer game. Shiro dreams of becoming a white knight like his foster father, who saved his life. One day, he comes across some mysterious men that immediately try to kill him. But just as he is cornered, he is saved by a girl aptly named Saver. "

For the sake of anyone who is not familiar with Fate/Stay Night let me say two things about the original work. First the girl who saves Shiro is named "Saber" and not Saver which is actually not her real name at all but rather her "class". Saber is one of out of seven servant classes summoned for the sake of a Holy Grail War. The class of Saber is named the way it is because she is a famous hero from history who wields a sword. "Saver" is not even a class from Fate/Stay Night at all. Second there is only one assailant! no men show up chasing after Shiro the one after him is in fact not even human at all but another heroic spirit summoned to fight in the Holy Grail War. Not only is this summary poorly written, its flat out wrong.

I browsed around for a little longer after reading the summary I shared above hoping to find it to be the bad apple of the bunch but the next two series I opened had similar poorly written summaries leaving me thoroughly disappointed with this new site before I even made it to the manga itself.

Well I didn't give up just yet I decided that I needed to at least read some manga on this site before going off to rage about it so I decided to open up Excel Saga which was the first series I came across that allowed me to preview it. Honestly I was fully expecting to find more of the same poor writing I shared above but oh was I in for a surprise when I loaded up this preview. The entire thing is in Japanese! They didn't translate it at all! The final blow was dealt I can't believe this site is open to the public like this. How do you even make a mistake like that? Or maybe they intended to share the Japanese Excel Saga? It is hard to tell as nothing on the site does very much to introduce the site and it's features.

While I hope for the best with the future of J-Manga, my first impression has left me sorely disappointed. Has anyone else had a better experience?

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