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1:43 PM on 10.29.2010

Funniest dub ever?

Why haven't I heard of this before... I need to track it down. Perfect for a halloween marathon.
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4:37 AM on 06.25.2010

Level 5 & Studio Ghibli present: A Final Fantasy/Pokemon mashup. I'm sold.

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5:39 PM on 05.23.2010

Monthly Musing: Doctor Up Some Anime

Yes people, there is a Monthly Musing for May! Don't you forget it.
At first I thought of Doctoring Up just one anime, but since I'm the only one so far, popping this Monthly Musing cherry, I might as well go all out and fix three genres at once.


Patients: Jewelpet, Lilpri

Ailment: Disturbingly cute girly tumors

Cure:Death and Destruction with Manly Magic!

Magical girls are a staple in the anime industry. The genre is deeply rooted and can always count on a devoted following consisting of both creepy otaku and innocent little girls. Outside of those parameters, it's hard to find a bigger audience for such shows though. We need to change things up a little and revolutionise the magical girls genre.

First off, the magical girls need to go. It's much too boring and predictable. What we really need right now, is magical boys. Muscular macho men waving their wand around and causing magic to happen. Yes, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
The burly men fly through the sky just like ordinary magical girls, sparkles behind them and everything. They search for evildoers in order to deliver some justice and restore order in the world. Instead of a longwinded transformation sequence, they can just pull their pants down and whip out their wand, followed by a cute catchphrase and a charming wink. What happens after that is up to the director, but I'm open for any ideas, as long as everyone is happy in the end.

After a hard day's work, the magical boys return home to their typical middle class families, teaching their little daughters how to drink beer and roast sausages LIKE A MAN.


Patients: Giant Killing, Major, Big Windup

Ailment: Predictablility syndrome

Cure:Twists & Horror influences

The problem with sports anime is that you're always sure of one thing: They're going to win. The main character is probably not going to win immediately (in fact, he/she usually starts as an amateur) but eventually, when the shit hits the fan, the main character will win big time.
In other genres, the directors are more often willing to take a few risks, introduce a few big plot twists and make sure that the ending isn't as clear-cut.

I suggest turning things on its head by borrowing heavily from Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. The main character starts out as a child prodigy in his particular sport. He's picked up by a big club and plays outstandingly, despite his young age. Critics and insiders all tip him as one of the future greats within the sport.

Then, at episode 4 or so, just when you've gotten used to the cast, the main character suffers a heavy injury that sets him back immensely. Let's say, he breaks his leg in 63 places. Not willing to accept his fate, he frantically works his ass off in order to revalidate from the injury and return to professional sport. Despite his efforts, the revalidation is to no avail. He can eventually walk again, but sporting is out of the question. He'll never be able to do the one thing he loves most in life.

Episode 12-26 are just about him being really depressed and crying like a baby.


Patients: Ikkitousen, B gata H kei, Kiss x Sis

Ailment: Boob-flu

Cure: A healthy dose of realism

These anime series are sending out the wrong message. Do we want to teach our children that it doesn't matter how slutty they are? That men will never act on their sexual urges or take advantage of them? No. Children need to be educated:
I suggest re-releasing the following anime series on Blu-Ray with these changes:

The ladies from Ikkitousen end up in a fight, as per usual. Unfortunately, their boobs are so big that the balance of the human body is distorted. The ladies fall flat on their face and are unable to get up due to a severe case of acute hernia. They spend the rest of their lives a hospital bed. From this point onwards the show is a dark comedy, making fun of their misfortune. The "slapstick" element in the comedy consists of a doctor that walks past every 2 minutes and punches a random lady in the gut. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

B gata H kei:
If you want to have sex with 100 men, and you actively try to pursue that goal, you will succeed. Halfway through episode 1, Yamada reaches her goal, as she is violently gangraped in an alley by 99 men and a stray cat.
This traumatic experience throws the rest of her life off the rails. She suffers permanent mental damage, completely shuts herself in and spends the rest of her life in a mental hospital. She never speaks again after the gangbang. Episode 3-12 depict Yamada as an 80 year old pile of misery, still in the same mental hospital.

Kiss x Sis:
In my version, Keita is not a total douche. He bones the shit out of his two sisters. Initially he enjoys the intimacy, but as the show progresses, Keita finds out that his father is abusing the two sisters. Furthermore, both Ako and Riko become pregnant. He kills his father, runs away from home with his two sisters and vows to change his life.
With his his two sisters, but without and diploma or degree, he moves to Pennsylvania and starts an Amish settlement.   read

1:20 PM on 05.21.2010

Why I think Funimation is run by a bunch of incompetent narrowminded chimps

Okay, so maybe I'm stretching it a bit in the title. Funimation is a cool company. I don't have any issues with the company itself. I have issues with its website and how they treat non american visitors.

It's about time I did a rant about this goddamn page:


That's the page I'm redirected to when I try to visit For the longest time, I thought that was funimation's actual website. I thought funimation just didn't have an own website, and didn't put much thought into it. Stupid of me, I know. Eventually, about two years after I first visited the website, I overheard some people saying that Funimation streamed anime series. How strange, I thought. I guess that means Funimation has a website after all. Let's surf!

Alas, I reached the same stupid page. The website's design looks like it's at least 10 years old. It uses a flash element for no particular reason and generally makes my webdesigner blood boil, I wouldn't be surprised if it truly is a decade old. But let's move on. Let's set aside the webdesign nonsense. Let's start reading what's on the site. Maybe those awesome streaming anime series are hidden behind a button or two.

Ah, well that must be it. Visit Funimation's Consumer Site. Exactly what I was looking for. Strange that they redirect to this page as a splash page, but whatever. At last I'll be able to see what Funimation has to offer.
Wrong! The link leads to, which redirects to the same old page.

Let's try this link in the bottom left then. No idea why they'd incorporate two links to the same thing, but it's worth a try. Nope! Doesn't work either.

Okay Funimation, I get it. You restrict your access to North America? That's fine. I can understand this decision. All I ask for is a bit of clarity. Let me know that I can't visit your site. Create a special site for people like me. Maybe it won't have streaming, but it could definately offer more information than the current bullshit Navarra page.

Or otherwise, redirect me to a page on that tells me the access is restricted and I'm not welcome. Don't redirect me to your parent company I don't give a fuck about.

If you can't even do that. If you refuse to bring me to any official Funimation website of any calibre, the very least you could do would be a simple redirection message. "You're being redirected to, we don't like your kind around here." That simple sentence would've saved me two years of confusion.

So why am I bringing this rant up now? Here's why: Funimation is wasting its advertising money on me. WHY DO THEY EVEN BOTHER! Every ad I click on Japanator is going to lead me to that goddamn redirected page on!
Seriously, I cannot wrap my head around this. Why do I have to see all these ads that say CLICK HERE CLICK HERE if they lead me to nowhere in particular.

And that's why I think Funimation is run by a bunch of incompetent narrowminded chimps.

"You should be watching". Gee, thanks for rubbing it in. Assholes.

/rant   read

12:51 PM on 04.30.2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge. It's Awesome.

Over the years, I must have seen hundreds of anime series that fall under the banner "romantic comedy". Because there are so many shows within this genre, it's tempting to borrow alot of elements from succesful rom-coms of the past. Sometimes it's not a bad thing to borrow. After all, you can learn alot from successes of the past. However, when you borrow too much, the show becomes formulaic and bland. If you create alot of such shows, the genre becomes stale, and the ball will keep rolling and rolling from there, dragging the entire anime industry down with it.

That's the state of romantic comedy today. There are still a few charming shows here and there, but mostly the genre is filled with meritless trite like Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaō, KissxSis and Mayoi Neko Overrun. Tsundere here, pantyshot there, throw in a few awkward sexual situations and BOOM! You've got a romantic comedy.

Here's the bright side though: This depressing situation makes series like Arakawa Under the Bridge all the more appealing. It's a breath of fresh air for a genre that has been resting on the same ideas for god knows how long. Arakawa Under the Bridge goes above and beyond the call of duty, by adding a layer of sophistication. This anime is no longer just a romantic comedy, it's a tool that's being used to provoke thoughts and discussions on societal problems of morality, individualism, capitalism and humanitarianism.

The first few episodes have been about preconcieved notions and how they are wrong by design, because they're made to simplify the true nature of an individual or a situation. We constantly place individuals into boxes and try to jump to conclusions. This anime shows how such behavior invariably strips away the intended direction of a conversation.

I've picked out a few examples to illustrate this point:



You're welcome in my home.



I'm a beautiful woman whom you cannot even begin to understand just yet. Our standards and mindsets vastly differ.

(Note 1: Venus is the goddess of beauty, love and fertility. Plato argued that she inspires intellectual and spirital love as well as physical love.)

(Note 2: "The worst thing to call somebody is crazy. It's dismissive. I don't understand this person, so they're crazy. That's bullsh*t. [...] Maybe the enviorment is a little sick.")



He is a lonely and secluded individual. An excentric person the likes of which you'll rarely meet.

Those are some examples from the first episode. We're already seeing some character development now, a few episodes in.
When Ric asks about a big scar on someone's face, Nino stages an intervention.

You'd think that such complexity wouldn't mix with an entertainment show, but on the contrary! The comedy effortlessly cooperates with the deeper messages, and the scenes flow naturally despite their serious implications.








Like any other decent romantic comedy, it's all about the distance between the main couple. In the beginning of the show there's alot of distance between them, and they grow closer towards eachother as the show progresses. The show even jokes about this element in romance stories. In episode 4, Nino and Ric try to develop their relationship by intentionally walking far apart from eachother and creating artificial tension. The actual distance between them is obviously not a measurable, physical distance. They don't seem to be aware of this, but it's interesting and amusing to see their relationship grow none the less.

Oh, and did I mention that the episode previews star a man in a kappa suit wrestling with fish? Holy crap!

And that, my friends, is why Arakawa Under the Bridge is awesome.

The comedy in this show may not always hit home, the romance may not always be satisfactory and the food-for-thought element may not be your thing. No matter, the package as a whole is absolutely delicious. And just remember, if you're not enjoying a certain joke or scene, think of Jesus' words:

Amen.   read

1:50 AM on 04.18.2010

Spring 2010 (part 4)

Rainbow or: Depress express


I'm still undecided on this show... It's supposed to be a really depressing drama. I'm not sure if I'm up for that. It certainly shows potential, but the first episode itself did not win me over.

It has alot to do with the way the show progresses. The main characters are anally violated by a hitler-doctor and beaten to a pulp before we even get to know their names. Furthermore, we learn that they're short-tempered agressive hooligans who have beaten various people into a hospital before they got in this situation.
That's not the ideal way to make me feel compassion with the main characters.

RAINBOW is dealing with a typical Japanese issue (mistreating youth) but I find it difficult to relate with, especially in comparison to shows like Eden of the East who approach the same subject differently.

None the less, this is a show to keep an eye on.

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru or: Obligatory Yaoi show of the season


I couldn't find a fansub of this. Judging by the preview, it's a very generic yaoi show with girly boys who cry in eachother's arms alot. Disregarding the gayness of it all, this anime has subpar acting, subpar plot and subpar romance.

Shin Koihime Musou – Otome Tairan or: Romance of the Three Pantsu's


This show is basically a mashup between Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Pantsu-antics. The males in this show thankfully don't take a central role, but none the less Shin Koihime Musou finds a way to show lots of pantsu and girls rolling over the floor together, halfnaked.

When the group of girls subsequently think one of them is pregnant, because she's slightly fat and has a bit of a stomach ache, the show has hit a new low. Why this show has a second season is beyond me.

SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors or: Romance of the Three Robots


This is a relatively decent show, but do we really need more Romance of the Three Kingdom animations? Furthermore, do we really need more mediocre shows milking the Gundam name? I don't think so.

Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri or: This is a great season for toddlers!


This is a really cute show. Right at the beginning, your souls is caressed by the sweet sounds of a character called Ringo. Her voice actress truly delivered an outstanding preformance.

The show progresses as you'd expect (3 ordinary girls turn magical, have to save fairyland) but then, right near the end, the show turns bad. There's a small concert where the show is suddenly in godawful CG. The whole song, which is supposed to be climactic, is just terrible. It's a lyrical ode to applepie, from what I could understand.

While this show is not all bad, Jewel Pet Tinkle is nearly identical conceptually and 100 times better/cuter.

House of Five Leaves or: The socially retarded bodyguard


While this first episode is not something to go completely nuts over, it's a good stepping stone for the ensuing samurai epic. This show has a charming excentric visual style. At first I thought it might be held back by the shy nature of the main character, but then it turns out he's a badass on the battlefield. Somehow those things cancel eachother out.

While this episode wasn't flashy, it did introduce us to the show very competently. I'm very keen to find out where this show is going.

By the way, the OP of this show is my favorite this season.

Is that all?

NO! One of the show I most anticipated this season still has to air. It's Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei, the new show from Yuasa Masaaki. For those unfamiliar with his name, it's the creator of Kaiba, Kemenozume, Mind Game and Cat Soup.
Visually this show seems to be a direct descendant of Kemenozume, Considering that Madhouse animated this, I'm sure it's exactly according to Masaaki's vision.
What the show will be like content-wise is anybody's guess. The description sounds rather dull (a guy looks back at his college life) but if one thing is certain in this world, it's that Yuasa Masaaki never makes dull shows. His outings are always unusual and spectacular.

Furthermore this show airs in the notaminA time slot (just like Five Leaves), which consistently airs great shows. I can't wait!   read

2:52 PM on 04.08.2010

Spring 2010 (part 3)

KissxSis or: I am twelve and what is this? I don't even...

See my KissxSis impressions here.

Giant Killing or: Soccer.


Giant Killing sure chose a bad time to air. With Major S6 and Big Windup S2 airing this season as well, it's going to be a tough battle to win the attention of the few sports fans out there.
This show has put up a promising debut though. In the first episode, we're introduced to the concept of "Giant Killing" (amateur clubs that try to beat professional teams in domestic cups) and get a good idea of what the main character, a football coach, is like. He's essentially a childish and lazy brat, even though he's supposed to be 35 years old.
Regardless, this episode clearly hints towards future episodes - what can we expect? A team of passionate youngsters will rise to the top of one Japanese football cup or another.

The show starts in England (if we're talking amateur football clubs, where else can you start!) and in the very beginning, an old man cheerily talks about amateur football teams. How the players all have their own jobs, how they play the game out of pure passion and enjoyment and how the whole town is cheering them on. Yeah, amateur football is pretty great. Bring it on!

Senko no Night Raid or: Baccano! China Edition


VERDICT: OUTSTANDING! (but can they keep it up?)
It's the 1930's, there are superpowers involved, no this is not Baccano. Night Raid is about a group of Japanese spies has been depatched in mainland China due to something or other. I'm not quite sure about the details yet, but it sure is impressive.

A visual tour de force by A-1 pictures, Night Raid pleases the eye left and right during the many action scenes in this episode.
It plays along much like a compressed Hollywood action flick. There's some slow paced scheming and infiltration, which serves as an appropriate buildup for the fast paced action. Once the action is done and over with, there's a bit of dialogue and the cycle can start from the beginning.

The musical score is quite impressive as well in some places, though it often abruptly stops as scenes transition from one mood to the next. This can be jarring, but it's a negligable flaw when you observe the package as a whole.

Clearly alot of work has gone into this episode, and I'm highly sceptical about where things will go from here. I certainly don't think the entire series is going to be able to live up to this episode's standards.
Like any action flick, the dialogue is arguably the worst component in the mix. As long as they can repeat this episode's magical formula, I'll stick along for the ride.

Big Windup S2 or: Bigger Windup: More Windup-ish


I don't have much to say about this, really. If you have seen Big Windup, then you know you should watch this. If you haven't seen Big Windup, then what are you waiting for! Don't start here, start with season 1.

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan or: Boys Love: Samurai Gravitation


I was anticipating this series. I thought it was going to be a neat Samurai show. The synopsis sounded pretty great. Transforming ogres and an epic search for a lost father? Count me in! Or so I thought.

It turns out this series is all about an ordinary girl who is surrounded by pretty boys. Hardly anything happens during this episode. Move along, nothing to see here.

Arakawa under the Bridge or: Homeless people are hilarious


Not only does this show provide alot of humor from the get go, it manages to establish the brand and style of this series very clearly. There are alot of whacky outlandish things going on, but at the same time the show never loses its connection with reality. A girl says she's from Venus, turns out she's just very kind and slightly mental. A kappa appears, turns out it's a guy in a suit who is slightly mental.
Besides the comedy, there's more this show has to offer. It's a bit of lunacy, and a bit of... human interest. I wouldn't say there's romance in this show, I'd call it human interest. An ordinary salaryman moving in with a girl "from Venus".

I don't know about you, but I'm salivating here. I love mental patients. I'm goint to love this show.

K-ON!! S2 or: Fuwa Fuwa Time


^that is EXACTLY what a moeblob looks like.

Damn you, K-ON! Damn you!

Nothing much happens in this episode, but that's allright. Nothing has to happen for it to be cute and retarded, K-ON can be cute and retarded regardless. That doesn't make the show any good though.

If you liked the first season, you're in for a treat. If you didn't, meet me in the soundproof nuclear bunker I've set up especially for this occasion. We can come out again in a year or two, when everyone K-ON fan has settled down again.

Mayoi Neko Overrun or: A show the marketing division made up during lunch break.


This is such a formulaic show. There's a Tsundere, a catgirl, a flatchested spoilt child, a cake, a useless protagonist all the girls fall for, a protagonist's friend who only likes 2D blobs and not 3D pig disgusting, a protagonist's sister who has huge boobies... Etcetera, etcetera.

There's a surprisingly small amount of fanservice. It's absolutely there, but only for short periods within the show. Most of the time when girls in short skirts are prancing around, they actually avoid showing the panties, curiously enough.

I know there's an audience out there for shows like this though (that's exactly why they keep being made) so don't let my moaning stop you.

Major S6 or: Yes, you read that right. Sixth season.


This show seems decent enough, but I haven't seen season 1-5. While they've done a great job at making season 6 accessible (about 1/3rd of the show consists of flashbacks or synopsis about previous events) it's nowhere near inviting enough to garner new fans for the series. The main character is unlikable and stubborn, for one thing. If you're a fan, then it's a no brainer. If you're interested, then you should obviously start with the first season.

Jewel Pet Tinkle or: So cute your head will explode


I absolutely adore cute magical girl shows. Shugo Chara remains one of my favorite show to date. Jewel Pets is a bit too much though, even for me. All those little bears and bunnies with their high pitched voices! They're chanting and dancing! Their eyes are made of jewels! Oh my!

I really loved this episode, but I highly doubt I can handle so much cuteness once a week. A cuteness-injection of this calibre is only for the biggest magical girl fanatics.
If you are chronically depressed, watch this and you're cured instantly. You're welcome.   read

1:40 PM on 04.07.2010

KissxSis without all the fanservice

There are some things in this world that should not be seen or talked about. Things that should be locked up in the deepest, darkest dungeon. Not as some sort of punishment, not to serve justice, but simply to protect humanity from harm. KissxSis is such a thing.

The things I have seen are undescribably lewd and cannot possibly be captured in words. They will haunt me in my dreams at night, depraving me of the sleep and rest I desire.
I cannot tell you of these things, for they are unpure and evil. What I can tell you, is a vision I had. A vision about a world without fanservice. A world where Strike Witches wear lovely pants, no one ever goes to the beach and KissxSis is a harmless show about the life of an extraordinary teenager with a loving family...


It all began on an ordinary monday afternoon. Keita was enjoying a refreshing, cleansing bath while reflecting on the timid and not-in-any-way-perverted nature of his sisters.
He had such responsible parents as well. His entire family life was a source of warmth and happiness.

Meanwhile, one of these sisters was preparing a delicious stew for the whole family. Her mother was ofcourse helping her here and there, to make sure everything went according to plan. The ingredients of this stew? Love, love and love (the natural bond of familiarity and affection that one has within a family)
She handled the knife carefully, so as not to harm anyone. (Nice boat!)

The other sister was not in the kitchen. Although there's nothing wrong with preparing food for the family, this sister was preoccupied with a lovely piece of textile. You see, garments and the fabrication thereof was one of her hobbies. She LOVED wearing garments. Lots and lots of garments. So many garments, that she would even go to the beach in garments, shower in garments and fantasize about garments at night. She would often wear so many clothes, that you could never see her skin from the neck down.
As I was saying, she was admiring a formidable piece of garment right then and there.

"Wow, is this 100% Cotton? Unbelievable! Just look at those fibers. They are majestic. It smells nice too! It smells like flowers and puppies and garments. I love garments! This makes me want to wear even more clothes!"

The following day, Keita got up at five in the morning and started his daily jogging session. He would make sure to jog for three or four hours every morning before he went to school. "Excercise is good for your health!" He would say. Thanks to the lovely meal his sister prepared, he was in top shape. Now he was ready to give it his all at school.

Yippee! Our teacher is teaching us valuable information!
"School is awesome!" Keita's friend whispered. But Keita quickly told him to be quiet, as he knew how important it was to pay attention to the teacher.

After school, Keita would run up and down the stairs 100 times. Meanwhile he would solve difficult math equasions in his head. Running helped him concentrate.

What's this? Someone on the campus is having a baby? Oh no, we won't make it in time to the hospital! What to do!
Luckily, Keita was a parttime gynaecologist. Thanks to his expertise, the pregnant woman (who was 30 years old and happily married) does not need to worry. Keita will be able to deliver the baby. What's this? His head appeared!

Long live KissxSis, the show that teaches family values, doesn't objectify women and stars some lovely three dimensional characters with exciting hobbies, adventures and dreams of what they want to become when they grow up.
The lesson of this episode? Let's celebrate women, for they can give the gift of life!   read

10:55 AM on 04.05.2010

Spring 2010 (part 2)

The fansub groups are enjoying their easter holidays, so I'm still waiting on quite a few shows to be subbed. In the mean time, here are 4 more shows I've seen so far.

Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor or: It's Ikkitousen. What did you expect.


I've watched this show 4 times. The first three times, I did not make it past the first few minutes. The fourth time, I lost a bit of my soul.

In all honesty though, it's Ikkitousen, so I got what I deserved for pressing that play button. If you're a fan of Ikkitousen or similar shows like Queen's Blade, then this show is for you. A whole bunch of titties and chicks beating the crap out of guys. I hope you're happy.

Angel Beats or: Try shoving your finger up the girl's asses. It's okay. THIS IS HEAVEN.


There are certain shows that don't do anything bad per se, but are just average all around. There are no interesting characters, no good plot to speak of, but all in all the entire package is still watchable. Often I find myself following these shows, and they're usually enjoyable enough.
The most recent series I've seen that fall in this category are ~Requiem for the Phantom~ and Chrome Shelled Regios. I would not call these shows good by any stretch of the imagination, but they're decent anime-fodder which you can check out if you're really bored.

Angel Beats seems to be just that. If you're really desperate for a new anime show to watch, you might as well watch this. It's a jack of all trades, master of none. There's action, comedy and suspense, but not a single aspect is executed particularly well.

Yutori-chan or: Chibi Internship


(There was no english sub available, so I watched a french fansub)
This is a very short (3-4 minutes) show with cute chibi characters doing cute chibi stuff in an office environment. It's quite clearly aimed at a very young audience and it's charming in some ways, but the average Japanator reader probably wouldn't get much out of it.

The jokes mainly rely on the "cuteness" of it all and are very dull objectively speaking. Here's one joke as an example:

"Why doesn't the printer work?"
- "Because it needs more paper."
"But isn't there plenty of paper here?" *Points to a shelf in the corner with stacks of paper on it*

Hetalia World Series or: Comedy that Fails to be Funny: Season 3


Hetalia is a show wherein countries are personified as different stereotypical characters. It sounds pretty good on paper, but it isn't executed that well, mainly because all the humor is really mundane and uninspired. Thank god it's over within about 6 minutes.

Hetalia World Series is the third season of the series. Unless you were a fan of season 1 and 2, I really wouldn't bother with this one.
Maybe there will be a few decent jokes buried in the dirt here and there, but I'd rather not get my hands dirty.   read

3:45 AM on 04.03.2010

Spring 2010 (part 1)

WORKING!! or: How to fuck gradeschoolers and get away with it.



This show is treading on dangerous territory. The protagonist is clearly a pedophile of some sort. He himself justifies it as "I'm not a pedo, I just like cute stuff... Such as kids... Under 12..." Yeah, way to go mister. Clearly you're 100% sane.
The show itself is pretty funny, but there's only 2 routes it can take from here.

1) Be an ordinary run-of-the-mill comedy show or
2) Be a romantic comedy with lolicon elements (the show already hints towards this)

Either way, this is probably going to be an average show.

Heroman or: The next big thing!™




(for every action HEROMAN needs to do, Joey has to press a button. This is actually hilarious, because they make such a big deal about it)

It's pretty much what you'd expect. A show that's clearly overprocessed by the marketing division. Story wise Heroman doesn't have alot to offer, the characters are lifted straight out of a couple american cartoons and all around, the show doesn't have much substance just yet. The animation is great, but what I'm really waiting for is Spiderman-esque tension between the characters, where Joey has to choose between a life of fighting crime or a life of his own. Ofcourse, that's not going to happen. This show lends alot of characteristics from american animation, and hence its target demographic seems to be boys aged 6-14. This show is unlikely to get any better, but I'll keep watching just incase. Thanks to the animation, it's pleasant to watch anyways.

Also, check out the ED. Read the engrish speech bubbles. Such details may be easy to overlook, but I laughed out loud when I read those bits. Easily my favorite thing about this anime.

B gata H kei or: The Adventures of Slutty McVirgin



{it is indeed, judging by the episode 2 preview)

This was the first surprise of the season for me. Even though the premise is absolutely horrible, the actual show is pretty funny. Most of the humor is unintentional, but it's there none the less.
The heroine is basically a parody of a certain type of otaku.

1) Horny as hell
2) Still a virgin
3) Too insecure to talk to girls/boys, let alone have sex with hundreds of them

The only detail they changed, is that the main character is actually a pretty girl and not an unlikable shut-in otaku.

This first episode was very enjoyable to me, but it won't take long for this show to become uninteresting (infact, it probably already is - judging from the preview)

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaō or: Shit.





This show had a few good qualities, but it also has a shitload of bad qualities. It's mainly a fanservice show... Move along, nothing to see here.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! or: Skip Beat! Season 2


(^I hoped it wouldn't turn out like that, but right near the end the show disappointed me a little bit)

If I would just go by what's on paper, instead of watching each show, then I would have avoided this show like the plague. It's surprisingly good though. The main character is a strong, stubborn feminist who (as the class president) likes to rule over men with an iron fist. Her family is very poor, so she has to work in a maid-cafe for some extra dough. The rest is pretty much what you'd expect.

This show reminded me of Skip Beat! It's very much alike, with a hardworking and determined main character and unrealistic prince-on-a-white-horse love interests. This is a show that's clearly aimed at girls first and foremost, but I won't be complaining. Best show of the season so far.   read

1:30 AM on 03.28.2010

I am twelve, what is this? I don't even...

[embed]14261:240[/embed]   read

3:21 PM on 03.19.2010

Mandril Recommends: Phoenix: Dawn (vol. 1)

The twelve self-contained yet interlinked stories that compose Phoenix (Hi no Tori) is considered by many to be the summit of Osamu Tezuka's artistic achievement. Tezuka himself referred to Phoenix as his "life work." Painstakingly composed over a span of decades (initial versions appeared as early as 1954), serialised in a number of venues, and left incomplete with Tezuka's death in 1989, Phoenix represents Tezuka's ambitious attempt to push all he knew about the comics medium to address fundamental questions about existence.

Such is the brief summary that can be found within this manga.

This is the first Tezuka manga I've ever read, moreover it's the oldest manga I've ever read. This volume was published in 1967, and in certain aspects this is quite obviously noticable. Times have changed, and initially I had a hard time getting into the manga. Not due to some translation issues, or because I had to adjust to the classic Tezuka artstyle. Rather, I was constantly caught off guard with the 4th-wall-breaking slapstick comedy. I did not expect that at all, especially considering the amount of violence contained within Phoenix. The plotline basically leads you from one genocide to the other. Thousands upon thousands are murdered, but at the next page there'll be an inane piece of Disney-esque humor waiting for you.
It has even more to offer than that though. This is not just a thriller with some occasional comedy. Phoenix also explores philosophical territory. It poses some hard existential questions and hints you toward answers as well. Phoenix has everything. Well, maybe not everything. There is no moe (thank god.)

The occasional comedy keeps breaking the 4th wall, even when the story is nearing its conclusion. However, you'll get used to this soon enough. It really helps that every volume is a self-contained story. Volume 1 spans over 340 pages, and the pacing is absolutely superb. There is never a dull moment.

I can easily say that this is one of the best manga I've ever read, therefor I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone. Even if you've never read a manga, this is a good place to start. Since the stories are self-contained, you can always use one volume to determine if this manga is your cup of tea. At the last page, the tale has concluded and you're left with a sense of furfillment instead of a nerve racking cliffhanger.

I've not even told you what Phoenix is about yet... It's about mankind's quest for immortality, to put it simply. And, well... There's nothing simple about that.

Now I'm going to post some scans, to illustrate my points. Check out the gallery for high-resolution scans.


Is Tezuka just experimenting for the heck of it here? Is it 100% intentional? Regardless, it was an annoyance to me.



Hurray! Jolly good fun.


This has to be the most awkward Yaoi scene I have ever seen. Yes, they're both guys. Yes, one of them was stung by hundreds of hornets.


This is actually the page right after the Yaoi scene. Yeah...


A pack of vicious wolves is attacking the protagonist.

What is this, I don't even...


Heed his words! If your leader is a woman, you will be destroyed.

What? What kind of nonsense...?

No sweat, babe. We'll make more later.

A woman's makeup is not just for making a girl pretty. It can do the opposite too.


All this is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much to love! Check it out.   read

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