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MARC avatar 9:59 PM on 02.13.2011  (server time)
Awesome Alliterations Fan-Fic 01 -- "Frenching the Lord"

Welcome to the first episode of Awesome Alliteration Fan-Fic, where hip alliterations are what we're all about. But why didn't we upload this on a Friday, you ask? Because shut up.

Anyway, this little get together was arranged by Aquagaze, but me and some other community members have been planning this for a while now. However, we waited and waited for the opportune moment to make this, and coming in at just over one hour, I think that this first episode will pay off for all of that time we sat idle on the idea.

If you haven't heard, fan-fiction is all the rage in Japanator, and the only thing better than fan-fic is unintentionally bad fan-fic. So read along, with me, Aquagaze, and Irothtin, as we journey into three works of art, followed by two "surprise" pieces thrown in at the last minute. Trust me, you're not gonna want to miss those. If I do say so myself, this podcast only gets better and better...

While we didn't have the same amount of people as we originally intended, this means that our group of fan-fic reading shenanigans could only grow from now. So, make sure you follow us on the #GLORIO Twitter Group (because it's all official and shit) to receive tweets on Skype get-togethers and future projects.

So here it is, the completely RAW (meaning I barely edited this thing, so cut me some slack), uncensored (so this is totally NSFW), and immature first episode of AAFF. Sit back, relax, and read with us into a wonderful new land, where adventure rears it hilariously mediocre head.

LENGTH: 1:01:13
CAST: Aquagaze, Irothtin, Marcus Speer


Panty and Stocking C.H.O.C.H.O.-latte:

"The Oreimo" Fan-Fic:

"Suprise" Fan-Fic 1:
-Page 1
-Page 2

"Surprise" Fan-Fic 2

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