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Narukami Seventyfive avatar 11:29 PM on 12.09.2012  (server time)
Biggest Disappointment of 2012: "Little Busters" Anime

Everybody thought this show was going to be one of the best this Fall, and probably of all year. But sadly, Little Busters flops at even being one of the best this season. High expectations were aimed at Little Busters, because it was a story created by the visual company "Key" or "Key Visual Arts" Well known for their works such as CLANNNAD. I have played through some of the LB visual novel and it was a fun experience, But the anime adaptation on the other hand was a Disappointment.

Why is it not the best show ever? Many factors might be at play here. Watching LB is kind of boring in a way. It feels like a chore getting through this show. I never get exited to watch one. There is no "WOW" factor about LB really. That is a good indicator that the show should get dropped. The show also doesn't really make you feel attached to the characters. I wish they would give them more life. Also, the animation is not really good. It's alright I guess you could say, but Nothing special. Now for music, It's pretty much just a "Copy and Paste" of the Visual Novel. No special soundtracks, no mixes of the already standing music. NOPE! just the same thing you would find in the VN. Pretty much the show is one big "Copy and Paste" Which is not how you treat Anime adaptations. All this factored in and you can see J.C.Staff are not trying to create anything spectacular.

I'm not just going to say it's a bad anime because of expectations not being met, it's not even a "terrible anime". For now it's an "OK" show at best. For the fans of the anime, you should think about what the show is without "Key" and the title "Little Busters". without those elements it's just a Meh show. J.C.Staff may be to blame, and maybe not. All I know is that JC is not trying to break any records here, or try to surpass shows like CLANNAD, all they see LB as is just another project that they have to get through with.

If you disagree or agree with me, or if I missed important aspects of the show that should have been noted, please leave a comment down below. This is my opinion of Little Busters anime and should just be seen as an "opinion".

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