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Outside the internet I'm an stage actor, a writer, a sound tech and an upcoming circus entertainer. But like everyone on this site, I like anime. Favourite is still Orphen. Earlier this year I've been getting into tokusatsu.

Process to becoming obsessed with tokusatsu shows:

Power Ranger => uses stock footage of Sentai => Wiki search for Super Sentai => Gokaiger, Kamen Rider W, Garo

...or something like that. :/

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Ok, so I've watched Kamen Rider Gaim and if you haven't watched it....at least give the first episode a go. Now while I go listen to the opening for the one hundredth time, please enjoy this week's Rider Battle!



Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 19

Stumbling into a hostage situation Shinji lays low and scopes the situation. Chaos ensues and at the center of this is a newly escaped prisoner (and newly born rider) waving a gun and wanting tone thing. THE LAWYER!!!! The web of connections are spinning and it makes me feel great. Yes, this is a kid's show but you have to admit there's some intelligence going on here. "This guy knows ___ because of ______ and therefore ______" is the key of finding out where everyone stands. For example, The prisoner knows Mr Lawyer because of the fact he was the only guy who could get him out of jail but refused and therefore seeks revenge. It gives characters meaning and a purpose. In Dragon Knight the main thing is "This guy is told to vent Wing Knight". There's no connection. No other reason for us to care. Sure, characters like Kamen Rider Sting are improving.....but only just. 

Nineteen episodes in and we finally get what we've been waiting for. A battle royale of riders! It reminds me of the episode of Dragon Knight when they tried that. Only this time it feels like there's a lot more at stake. Ren is fighting to buy time for Miyuki to find Yui, who was kidnapped as a bargaining chip to fight. Miyuki is trying to prevent Ren's defeat. Lawyer and Prisoner settle the score and Shinji finally joins the fray in an attempt to stop the riders from fighting altogether. 

And the pay off? The Rhino rider being eliminated by the hands of a psycho with the defence of "you're in my way". It just shows how heartless this guy really is. As if we needed a reason before. This just had me wanting to do another Rider Battle right here and now so I can see what happens next!

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Episode 17 (The Power of Three)

After getting his ass whooped by Strike, Chris gives up being a rider...again. But gets a quick pep talk by Len using sticks. A quick two minute thing but it does the job. Now making it a trio of rider.

Xaviax finds more recruits. The Cho brothers, two bike thieves who are "not that bright". Cool a rider brotherhood. I'm in for that. So he goes to meets the two as...well...a heist planner. Kinda works for me.

Oh remember all those episodes ago about all the monster victims being in a secret hospital unit? Well they thought Kit seeing his dad there would be heart warming....no. It isn't. It's not working for me. I think because it's been too long since anyone has even mentioned it. If anything this is showing that there's a writer who JUST remembered that they opened this plot point. It's a nice tool to use and no I'm not saying bring this up EVERY TIME. What I mean is it's a really big gap from when now till the last time it was mentioned. 

JTC catches wind of Len and the others wanting to question him and sets up a trap in an attempt to vent Chris. A thing I've noticed, these scenes seem to give me the impression they actually made their own footage for this. For one, it's a clearer image. For two, I don't thing that Shinji and Len have ever fought on grass. 

The end game is "work as a team, you prick!". What this episode says to me is that it's setting up for something bigger. And I hope to Gaim that it pays off. I don't want to see another Torque!

The Edge: Ryuki

Rider Royale and a web of connections. This hit everything that it needed to make a really great episode and it's a good thing to give the Prisoner enough screen time to give viewers an idea of exactly who he is. An evil, heartless bastard.

It's that time again next week as Ryuki comes in with a set of two to take on Dragon Knight. Who will take the edge next week?!

....I dunno, I haven't watched it....
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2:30 AM on 10.16.2013

Another week, another battle is upon us? Go, go. Let's go! Let's find out who comes on top!

Rider Jump!

Rider Kick!

Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider. Rider! RIDER!

..............Moving on......



Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Episode 16 (The Hero of Gramercy Heights)

Len makes a smart move about being suspicious of the notorious JTC, Maya's contact about Kamen Riders. So him and Kit go searching for this guy. Partly to question him about the riders and also because they want to know how the hell he knew about them in the first place. For those who've just started reading this JTC is also known as Kamen Rider Strike, Xaviax's right hand rider. Good, a race for more riders but one asks: Who has the Advent Decks? .....oh.......Xaviax......how awkward.......

Chris is still refusing to fight and gets a pep talk from Maya. I get that he needs this. The dudes been treated like a puppet by Xaviax but I think Maya's probably the least likely person to give this talk though. Mainly it's just back story and flashbacks of him so it's a tad forgiving. 

Following a lead, Kit and Len fight a robot. Which I'm a bit curious about. A robot monster from Ventara? Usually they're more bio-related monsters so this is the first I've seen of a robotic one. Not a big deal at all by the way. Just an observation.

I think the fact that the main characters are starting to put two and two together quicker tells me this show is starting to think about all the things it sets up. That's not to say that they should reveal everything at once. What I mean is these characters now possess the intelligence they should have. Len, for example. The only people who know about the riders are the riders themselves, Maya and Xaviax. Why does this hacker know about them too unles Xaviax approched him? A good episode. It left me hanging.

Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 18

It's the birth of a new rider folks! An insane prisoner. But it turns out Yui's brother is a psycho. "Hey you. Crazy guy with anger issues. Here's the power to beat everyone to a pulp.". The brother fascinates me. What's his plan? Why this guy? I would like to see more of him but I understand the mystery. It's about the web of connections between the riders with him starting the initial weave. 

And right now the latest connection is that Mr Lawyer is his first target. The guy who couldn't get him out of jail because being "vexed" can't cut as an excuse. He's AWESOME!!! Bringing some lively flavour to the mix. Who'd have thought it took a psycho prisoner to do it? Now it should be noted that he's JTC's eastern counterpart and it makes me think about which one I prefer. A rider whose insane and wants nothing but revenge? Or a rider who is basically a henchman to the main villain? I think I might need to see more of this guy before making a call. Ending the episode at the height of a hostage situation is a bonus.....entertainment wise. A great introduction to a new rider.

The Edge: Dragon Knight

To be honest I was about to give The Edge to Ryuki because of the new recruit. What stopped me was Len and his thoughts about JTC. The writing has improved and that's why I think it should go to them. If this episode were written in it's early days, this would've been part one of a five part episode for Len to reach that conclusion. Better writing and story structure are elements in an awesome cake of Kamen Rider.

Next week, another Rider Battle. I'm jumping back into the mirrors to sleep for a time knowing that I'll be safe from Mirror Monsters.
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[NOTE: Due to the fact it's 12 in the morning there will not be any screen shots or links in this week's Rider Battle. At least until tomorrow when I can stay awake for more than 30 seconds........35 seconds would be nice.]

.........Finished Kamen Rider Wizard............."Cross of Fire"????? Are you kidding me?!

....Oh....right....introduction to this week.........Nope, to annoyed by this to write a proper one.



Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 17

Ren hesitates costing him lose to Jun which shook him up in the process. I think it's nice to see his character break down after someone simply saying that he isn't the tough guy he thought he was. Yes, the man with no soul has one. But why they drag it it on for this long is a bit...boring. Don't get me wrong, it's cool seeing it but we've seen in earlier episodes he isn't the bad guy here. Miyuki tells Shinji of Ren's fate. If he fights, he'll die. If he quits, he'll die but on the inside. Shinji blows it off as nonsense causing some tension between all three....then it disappears...nice....(not)

Jun is under investigation due to the "games" he played a couple episodes ago. By the way, Jun is a lot better than his western counterpart Brad. For starters, he's picked a side and stuck with it. He's an evil prick. Brad dances around it. But when it came it be vented, Brad still went after Len. Yeah, he was forced but for what? A trophy? Given the amount of time he spent in Dragon Knight he would've had some perspective but no. See I'd be fine if he only cared about the trophy, clearing his name and see how he tosses aside morals in the run that he had. Meanwhile Jun is already there getting programming students to kill each other in mortal combat. Steals Shinji's contract card and threatens to destroy it he doesn't march to the beat of Jun's drum. In other words, Jun has more of a definitive character than Brad is.

Ryuki's web of connections links more characters together as it turns out Jun's lawyer is - you guessed it - Mr Lawyer! Fun! I love this guy whenever he get's some screen time. So I'm looking forward to another encounter.

And finally after seventeen episodes, someone actually explains why the riders exist. "Only those who want their wish granted choose the path of a Rider". Finally! I was beginning to question the whole thing. See, it all comes down to the wants. Miyuki wants to change the fate of the riders. Ren obviously wants his girlfriend to wake up from her coma. Mr Lawyer? Well you can throw it down to two things. One, he wants power. Two, he wants to be cured of an incurable disease (thinking back on a past episode I previously praised). What about Shinji? Well according to Miyuki he doesn't have a want, just a debt. In my books wanting to defend people from mirror monsters...counts as a want.

Speaking of which....the mirror monsters are still a thing....right? Because it's starting to look like the rider conflict is more important than civilians. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of rider vs rider. It just feels like the mirror monsters feel like they're a distraction rather than a threat. Which I'm not a fan of.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Episode 15 (The Many Faces of Xaviax)

Ok, if someone who was on the production team of this show happens to watch this (I seriously doubt it) but if they do know this: Should you choose to make another Kamen Rider series, STOP WITH THE FRIGGING LONG RECAPS! A minute and a half of recapping an entire episode. 

Ironically I bring this up when Dragon Knight chooses to have a recap episode. Yay...bad timing...

At least it's in the form of bring Sting up to speed but at fifteen episodes in, the viewers don't need a refresher. Or am I missing something? But I will had it to them. The dialogue the characters share while reminiscing is really fun to hear. The amazing thing is that they refuse to be very cliché. "Remember when we..." lines are always boring to hear. This format is better. 

If it sounds like I don't have much to say its because I honestly don't have anything new to bring up other than it's a recap episode. I just thought I'd seen the last of Torque and now I get to see him again. UGH!!! GOD I HATE HIM!! Though it was nice to see Camo again. I like that guy. Thought he was robbed.

Actually now that I think about it. Len acknowledges that Brad wanted to clear his name. Still think it's a dumb idea that the two constantly fought. Weird...

Sting, who will be referred to as Chris from here on out, takes all this and...leaves. His asthma is too much a problem for him to apply himself as a rider. Asthmatic patriot in the west and a fortune teller in the east. I'm actually torn between which version I prefer. Miyuki and Chris will just have to fight it out in the upcoming episodes I'll be seeing. 

Overall, nice little recap. No please! No more minute thirty recaps....please?

The Edge: Ryuki

Sorry, Dragon Knight, a recap episode is not an actual episode to me. It AN episode but it's not a proper episode because it's already telling me what I already know. Ryuki gets it anyway because they finally gave the reason to become a rider. FINALLY! What it means is that they're giving away answers to questions we've been wondering about. Why do the riders exist? The origin of the mirror monsters. The whereabouts of Yui's brother. Pieces that Ryuki is willing to share with you.....eventually. Also it does what I keep complaining about with Dragon Knight. Don't fire all your shots at once.

Ok so thanks to a certain podcast (not going to name any names.....Jtor.....) I finally decided to watch Attack on Titan. At this point I'd like to tell you about my current internet plan. I've got a certain about of gigabytes that I and my whole family share. We go through the limit, the net speed crawls to a snail's pace. Actually even slower than that. For the rest of the month. So that shows you how much I'm getting into this series...and how much I'm mourning my download limit as I might potentially drain every last byte.

In fact to save on my downloads I can't even end this with_ut _ _ro_per __g_ off.

11:59 AM on 10.02.2013

So since I had work today, Rider Battle took a slight delay. Just to give you an idea I'm going to put up time stamps when I wrote each segment. 

That out of the way let's see how Dragon Knight and Ryuki fight it out this week on Rider Battle!



Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Episode 14 (Xaviax's Promise)


Thrust VS Wing Knight! Torque VS Strike!

...Yeah they're really pointless fights. ...Ok, maybe just the Thrust VS Wing Knight. Part of the problem is that there's no explanation. No back and forth. I mean we, the viewers, know but the characters don't and it just makes this depressing. Several episodes Thrust has been wanting to fight Len "Let's finish this." *sighs* It bugs me they dragged it out as long as it did. So I was pleased beyond belief when a he finally got vented.

The hero riders are now up to three by my books with the newest addition of Sting and I'm starting to look forward to see how his journey in this goes. ...Seriously. I just want something to differ from the norm. It keep things interesting and-

HOLY HECK TORQUE IS VENTED!!! YES! FINALLY! I know I've been on his case for a while but he's just a horrible character and in my eyes hasn't contributed much. Or at all for that matter. The "I'm your friend but not really" thing, the "I'm on your side but I'll kill you because you didn't believe me" thing. I've had it. And so I'm not sad in the slightest of his vented state. 

Endgame, I enjoyed this episode. Ok NOT just because of Torque. Main reason being it seems Dragon Knight made improvements for the better. ...Now please...Keep it that way.

Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 16


So while Shinji got his ass kicked last episode, Ren and Miyuki come to the rescue. But not until his card is stolen by rider number six. Yeup, the rhino guy. And this guy is better than a mere motocross racer. He's Shinji's new boss!

Which reminds me. You know what I JUST realised? Shinji's boss is an antagonist in a certain Makai Knightly kind of show? Hmm, small world even in such a time frame.

So with Shinji de-Ryuki'ed and Ren being the strongest protagonist by default, he overcomes his fear of being the tough guy- NAH! He flat out refused to help him out. Besides, Miyuki has been on his case about how he isn't such a tough guy. Yes, under the leather and dark attitudes, Ren's just a big ol' softie. To be honest I want him to stay that way. The tough guy with a kind heart. It makes sense. His loved one is hospitalised due to the Mirror World experiment to begin with. Bring someone else closer to you and you might feel incredibly afraid they'll be hurt by mirror monsters or something rider related.

Ok, so let's go back to the whole Rhino Rider (not actual name) being Shinji's new boss, Jun. Hilarious move. And holding Shinji's card to ransom? Genius! If a contract card is destroyed it means no more rider. Meaning that dragon that's been helping Shinji all this time? Yeah the moment that card it gone is when that dragon consumes Shinji. Harsh but probably better than staying in an advent void forever.

The only rider that should be getting more screen time is Miyuki. He's pushing the right buttons but is so far in the sidelines in comparison that it's not even funny. Is there something he's hiding? Is there some darker motive at bay? Please Ryuki, help me out here.

The Edge: Dragon Knight


No it isn't because Torque is gone.


I'm giving the edge to Dragon Knight because it's finally starting to cut off pointless things. Torque and Thrust vented, three hero riders now. Things are looking up. My faith is restored. Now please, please, please, please. Keep it up. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pass out after I post this. While I go do that, enjoy your week and I'll see you next week.

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10:49 AM on 09.18.2013

I see it in the coins! A battle of two riders from two different countries! I see a winner for this week. But I wonder if you can guess my prediction?

Maybe Ryuki will have another win under his belt? Or doth The Edge toll for Dragon Knight? Pick up your coins, place a deck of tarot cards towards a mirror and join me in this week's Rider Battle!



Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 15

Seeing the destruction of Ren in a vision, the fortune rider, Miyuki, sets forth to prevent it. Ren starts to question whether or not he can kill. Including stepping on Shinji's foot to gaze the reaction. Nice idea. much better than being this moody loner. And it seems like Miyuki wont quit.

Shinji and Yui go looking for a possible rider but turns out they stumbled on a net fight club called Matrix Club. A game that determines whose the strongest, like with the riders. These scenes comprise of an 8-bit soundtrack which is awesomely fitting. As the news gang try to get to the bottom of it, the club is several steps ahead.

In a brief scene the two plots meet as Shinji and Miyuki talk about their goals as a rider followed up by "Follow this case and you'll meet a new rider". Miyuki....I like him. The mystic attitude and appears very friendly. I say appears because I'm holding out to see if it's just a front. It's possible. All in all I like Miyuki very much.

Anyway, new rider which brings the count to six. Folks, meet the Japanese Thrust. Or Gai, as he's known here. The owner of this advent deck is the psycho behind the Matrix Club. Following a short fight between him and Shinji, he wins. Taking Shinji's contract card with him.

Impressive. Take the power away and see how well he can fight. I'm thinking this might lead to some training or atleast something to make him a bit more powerful as a result. We can only wait and see for now.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Episode 13 (Thrill of the Hunt)

Len looks back on his almost kills of Thrust and Sting when a reflection of himself tells him to "do his job". Wait, where did this come from??? No where. And the episode didn't do a fine job of explaining that.

Quick side note: Kit transforms back to his normal self and accidentally breaks a piece of industry and reacts, "Nice". Funny scene, I'll admit.

Additional quick side note: A brief 5 minute scene occurs after that which shows Maya's friends talking about her. One saying she's crazy while the other defends "why does she have to be normal?" The scene then ends with the other friend stating "I don't even know why I'm talking to you.". Lady? I don't even know why that scene was necessary. 

Moving on...

Torque tries to get Kit to friend him again to protect himself but when he realises he isn't trusted he goes to try and vent him. Sting now watches the fight and I like the reaction of his. "Kit isn't an alien....but is he a good guy?" marvellous. But I feel that they missed an opportunity to shade Kit in a bad guy light causing Sting to distrust him completely. But hell, least it gets another "good" rider on the team.

It appears that these episodes must of had me in mind. Last week I complained that since I didn't know Torque's back story, I couldn't really like him as a character. This episode shows his back story.

A con man with plans of fortune and power beyond this world...yeah, that still doesn't change my opinion of him. I still hate him. I think what I don't like about him is the flipping nature. "I need help", "No I don't", "be my friend", "get vented". Torque, it's episode 13. Pick a side and stay there!

The Edge: Ryuki

Miyuki and the Matrix Club. They did it for me. Torque to me keeps dragging Dragon Knight down and unless he can stop with his flipping nature, I'll continue to dislike him. This is also why I think shows like Dragon Knight and Power Rangers need to stop using stock footage and make their own because I'm tired of seeing stupid scenes being written because the fight scene is shot a specific way. Now I know its a bit late for Dragon Knight to stop, since the show wrapped up a long time ago now, so I'll endure it. But mark my words. If it results in things like Torque. I. Wont. Like. It.

Another week gone and already I can see how next week will go....unless Dragon Knight wants to kill off Torque.......just saying.......

......Seeya next week.
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4:36 AM on 09.11.2013

After being trapped in the mirror world last week, I'm back with a double special of Rider Battle! Like last time, I'll be looking at two Ryuki episodes to one Dragon Knight episode. With Dragon Knight on another streak can a double dose of Ryuki bring him down?

Let's find out!



Kamen Rider Dragon Knight - Episode 12 (Kamen Rider Sting)

Oh good. Another rider actually believes Kit. In less than an episode too. Bonus. His back story is a simple one. A failure in his father's eye. Can't join the marines because of his asthma, which I had to check to see if that was actually a thing. Since I have asthma, I was a bit quick to discredit that. But anyway Xaviax appears as a secret agent and gives him a chance to fight aliens from another dimension. I get that Xaviax is recruiting riders to take out Len and take over the world but from Torque to Thrust, they have a habit of rebelling. ....so why use them?

Speaking of Torque, Xaviax confronts him on his attempted betrayal. That still doesn't change the fact that I hate him. At least with Zolda (Torque's japanese counterpart) he was a bastard for the best reasons. He's a corrupt lawyer and Torque is.........a young adult? Never did know his back story. If I did I'd be kinder to him because I'd be seeing the method to the madness, so to speak. 

Anyway, Sting and Wing Knight fight it out and they use the stock footage from episode 13 of Ryuki. Nicely spiced I must say. 

Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 13

After some heavy stuff last episode, Ren is back to being a moody loner. Feeling worse than before since remembering Eri's hospitalisation. As he sits in a cafe he meets a coin fortune teller. Plot twist, he's also a rider. C'mon. Anyone could see that coming. Fun thing though, he's more interested to change the fate of the riders. Rather than have it rider eat rider, he wants them to live peacefully. Basically Shinji 1.5. Which sounds alright. But they fight anyway. Whip VS sword. But also a nice copy vent which allows him to clone Ren's weapon. Nice.

While following up on a lead, Shinji bumps into Mr Lawyer and his servant. Honestly I thought the lawyer killed over when he used a massive attack wave that caused Ren's loss of memory in the first place. Shinji discovers that Zolda is the lawyer he used to be buddies with and starts asking questions.....from his servant thinking Zolda is him...He ends up being in Zolda's crosshairs anyway but that was a bit stupid.

I'm seriously thinking of making a flowchart of all the characters. With the different connections and how each character reacts to others in this show are very interesting. And I think that's something Dragon Knight will never master. The intertwining drama. Yeah, plot twist and reveils in Dragon Knight.....ok SOME of them are on the same level as Ryuki but These characters are more than being one dimensional. May I remind of of Torque?

Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 14

So Zolda cops a full blow from Ryuki's final vent last episode. And with Mr Lawyer pretending his servant was Zolda, Shinji believes he killed him causing him to spiral down. Resulting in an art school like scene of him coming to terms with the fact he killed someone. Ok, not going to lie that is an AWESOME PLOT POINT! I mean Dragon Knight had a really cool plot twist.....but this is SO much better. Shinji fights to save the people but when his life is in danger, he fights back at full force. Its a nice "you're not perfect" plot line. That is until the master plan is uncovered causing Shinji to break down. 

The coin fortune teller tries to reason with Ren. Telling him he's not a killer but nothing really comes out of that this episode. Its pretty much just centered around Shinji this time. 

This episode had me dancing with glee at the return of Mr Lawyer and his master plan to take him out.

The Edge: Ryuki

Despite my liking for Sting, I started losing interest as the episode rolled on. Ryuki's master plot to stage a murder was entertaining. It was something I didn't see come, for once. And the return of a certain corrupt lawyer is always good fun. I'm sorry Dragon Knight, you lost this time. 

So now that I have my recorder back I'm planning on trying out a podcast version of this. See if y'all would prefer it, rather than read this.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll see you next time.
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