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Sideshow avatar 1:59 AM on 12.05.2012  (server time)
Aussies go anime-style with Exchange Student Zero

What would happen if Yugi Moto went on the foreign exchange program to Australia?

Well, you'd get terrible, terrible fan fiction but also, you'd get Cartoon Network's upcoming show Exchange Student Zero. The 70 minute animation sounds simple enough, passed off as a mysterious exchange student from Japan, Hiro is in fact a refugee from a violent anime world. That anime world being a collective trading card which, which potential viewers can play on their site.

It stars Rove McManus, who will not only be voicing Hiro but four other characters. He will also be joined by Star Wars star Mark Hamill, as well as Marg Downey and Peter Rowsthorn of Kath and Kim (the Australian one, not the god awful american one).

Produced by Bogan Entertainment, Exchange Student Zero has come out of the Cartoon Networks SNAPTOONS, the Short New Asia Pacific Cartoons initiative, which looks to create and expose more talent from the Asia Pacific region.

What's interesting for me other than "ZOMG! An Australian cartoon rich with Japanese roots!" is that the cartoon is set in South Perth, which is a two hour drive from where I live. ...I like Perth...

On the back burner of my mind however I can't help but feel like this is trying to be the next Yugioh or Bakugan and not a dressing down of said sub-genre of shows since the show's target audience are 9+ year olds. I can still hope, Australia has an interesting sense of humour. Not just something backed with a laughing track *coughs* Disney *coughs*.

Either way the show airs on Cartoon Network December 16 at 6pm and I know I'll be keeping an eye on it.


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