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Sideshow avatar 10:39 PM on 02.27.2013  (server time)
Rider Battle: Delayed Vent

If you're wondering why this is late then wonder no more. I've been hiding under my blankets after seeing the forth episode to one of these shows. See if you can guess which one.



Kamen Rider Dragon Knight- Episode 4 (A Rider's Challenge)

Four episodes in and we're introduced to some backstory! So firsts things first, the alternate universe is called Ventara which I'm convinced sounds like Ace Ventura's second cousin. Second, this journalist side story is becoming more and more of a failing joke. Third, audience finally know Len's name and he's from Ventara.

We also find out that there's 12 riders including Kit and Len however the other riders are after Kit due to his association with Len, giving him a "kick me" sign on his back. Cool, great! An interesting plot point especially with this evil lawyer scheming in the background.

Now, let's talk about the embarrassingly bad journalist side story. So the journalist, Maya, whose helping Kit gets demoted and becomes an assistant to a "professional" journalist. They then set out to interview a guy who was saved by Len back in episode two only for the pro to dismiss the guy completely, thinking he's some comic book fan. Now if you haven't read these posts, they work for a site called "" which is a paranormal news blog and despite it's attempt at being serious and professional, it kind of falls flat. To drive the point home the pro-journalist says to Maya "When you've been in this business as long as I have...". Lady! You work for [b]an online blog about paranormal activity![/b] You can't show up with this "FOX News" persona and expect me to take it seriously when your place of work is an online news site about paranormal activity and conspiracies! Either drop this professional view of a poorly designed site or drop the site completely.

And just when I thought this episode couldn't get more depressing...

Once riders are defeated (or vented as they call it) they're sent into a void of no return and our neighbourhood playboy Incisor is the first to go. So Incisor gets two episodes of screen time which I think is a bit stupid. A one dimensional character that just comes and goes. But more to the point: HOW BRUTAL IS THAT?! I mean yeah, they might as well call it "the shadow realm" for what it's worth but I think its a really good flavour to the show. If anything it certainly gives Kit some breathing room to decide whether or not to continue.

So in short, the journalist sidestory is crap whereas the things setup in this episode are great steps in a very interesting direction.

Kamen Rider Ryuki - Episode 4

Today's episode has been brought to you by: "TEAMWORK" and how working together can do many things!!!

...Yes, I'm aware this is a kid's show...sue me.

But in all seriousness we take a magnifying glass at Ren. Reasons, motives and true nature behind the kamen man (see what I did there?). We know he's fighting for a reason. In Dragon Knight Len is fighting to save Ventara. I like that there's motive behind the method. By the end of course, Ren and Shinji work together to defeat the mirror monster of the week and we see that they're stronger from it. Its interesting to note that the relationship between Shinji and Ren are different from Kit and Len. The Ryuki duo are more partners if anything whereas the Dragon Knight-ers are more of a mentor-ship. It certainly brings in vastly interesting flavours for their dynamics.

From crappy journalism in Dragon Knight to more something more worthwhile, Ryuki brings a better version to the fray. We're seeing how this newspaper company works, which doesn't seem like much but you at least know what's established rather than be told "the site wants me to do this". Before someone overreacts I want to state that if Dragon Knight shows some actual correspondence between Maya and her co-workers then I would reconsider my opinion of it. But since we don't have a lot to go on so you can only assume that it's not as important than what the writers give it credit for. There's constant investigation to the missing people story which again, Dragon Knight doesn't know what to do with.

I also want to make it a point that shot compositions, for the most part, are brilliant. I feel like there was a lot of thought put into the most basic of shots whether it be a reaction shot from Shinji or an establishing shot.

The Edge: Ryuki (...Again)

Give me good looking shots and dynamics than imitation journalism any day. I'm grateful that Dragon Knight is introducing backstory and more rules for riders, as brutal as it was telling us that, it wasn't enough for the edge to be given to them.

Wait! Where are you going? Don't think that since Ryuki is in the lead the shows over.

...Would it help if I did a double post?

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