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Sideshow avatar 6:51 AM on 01.19.2013  (server time)
Rider Battle: Introduction

"Welcome to Kamen Rider! Where the fandom is scarce and casuals think it's Power Rangers."

Debuting in 1971, the tokusatsu show Kamen Rider aired on Japanese TV. A story about a terrorist group who brainwash and convert victims to cyborgs (seriously, look this up). Of course someone escapes before the brainwashing part and becomes *dramatic pause* Kamen Rider! Who fights the evil group, etc, etc. Roll on 42 years and the once adaptation of a sci-fi story is now a entire franchise. Complete with toys, video games, spin-offs, movies and of course more motorcycles.

Talking to a newcomer, they'd be forgiven to confuse this for Power Rangers/Super Sentai. You've seen one guy in a suit, you've seen them all. Right? But you know what they say, "If it's popular in one country, it'll make it's way to the next". And like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider made it's way to American TV in 1995.

And it was awful.

So awful in fact that I'm going to communicate this through a dramatisation of the creator's to Saban, the man who brought Super Sentai to the west.

Japan: This man is never allowed to touch our intellectual property again!

...So then in 2009 Kamen Rider made a second attempt to cause waves in the west. This time Steve and Michael Wang enter the fray with Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, an adaptation of Kamen Rider Ryuki. And I guess you can see where this is going.

Starting today I'll be looking at Ryuki and Dragon Knight and seeing which is better and which will become the reason to add more members of the "DO NOT TOUCH RIDER" club. Now, the ratio of episodes for Ryuki to Dragon Knight is 40:50 which after becoming Kamen Rider Accountant for a few minutes I managed to figure out how I'd be able to compare them for a weekly blog without turning into Kamen Rider Krazy.

Ok, I'm done milking that joke.

I should also point out Ryuki does have a few movies and specials in it's pocket. However to fairly compare the two series, they will be left out of this project. No 13 Riders, no Ryuki VS Agito. And NO ALTERNATE VERSIONS OF A FINAL EPISODE! Which sucks because I was looking forward to writing about it.

Now without further ado...

Ladies and gentlemen! It's time for the Rider Battle!

(By the way, if you're wondering I've said "Kamen Rider" 10 times in this post)

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