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Victor Pitones avatar 11:35 PM on 02.13.2013  (server time)
Catching up on Amnesia

I found myself with a lot of free time yesterday and spent it catching up on some anime Id fallen behind on this season, as is the case every season, and the main one I focused on was the otome game adaptation Amnesia. My initial impressions were somewhat favorable, I found it intriguing and engaging, a great contrast to my watchlists high count of comedies this season, plus Orion is just the cutest little shota Ive seen all year.

As it went on though, that initial intrigue greatly faltered with every given episode. The male leads are all pretty bland bishounens with not much to them rather than their looks since everything under that doesnt give you much, or at least I couldnt gather anything.

e.g. Shin: hes the silent mysterious one

Ikki: hes the pretty and popular one who likes hitting and being hit on

Thats about it for each of them. Nothing new really, nothing I havent seen before. I makes all their actions and stories feel really boring and predictable. Theres nothing wrong with having familiar character archetypes, but there is wrong with not doing anything interesting with them. Unless somehow the last two boys are any better I dont their focus will be any of the shows high points.

Our leading lady isnt really any better. Constantly inactive when not being lead around by her ever changing boyfriends and making little effort to find anything about her previous life, all information is from other people, information that just lands in her lap. Not really a complaint, but more evidence as to how this girl is nothing more a blank slate that does nothing more than just say eh? eto ano.. every few minutes.

Of course though ins this type of story making your main a blank slate could be intentional, ti allows for a plot with more mystery as all the important details get filled in as the show goes on, but that doesnt mean that girl has to be so dull. Akira from Eden of the East at least had a personality, none of it at the cost of mystery or intrigue.

Nothing is absolute so who knows, maybe by the last episode Ill love this show. Finding out exactly how everything fits together is still pretty interesting so its not like this show is all bad, just some things Ive noticed.

You can find Amnesia over on Crunchyroll

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