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9:06 PM on 08.14.2012

My Childhood Anime Series

Since I was a child and now I’m in my mid-20s, I’m very fond of watching anime series. I remember back in 1990s, Voltez V and Daimos are the first ever anime series I have watched. After a few years but in the same decade, came Sailor Moon and Magic Knight Rayearth (finally a series that a girl like me would love). Watching both made me want to have magical powers and wear what they are wearing. I even thought of a Japanese name for me. :)

Then, there’s Ghost Fighter, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, One Piece, Dragon Ball series, Bleach, Slam Dunk (well, my 2 brothers influenced me to watch them). I got to watch Card Captor Sakura and Fruits Baskets as well, which I really love.

Several years ago, I learned that they are actually Mangas that have been animated. They say there are episodes or scenes that you could only see/read in Manga and are not included in the anime version. I found some Manga copies at Yahoo Japan Auction ( and Amazon Japan (, just saying in case you are searching for copies as well. :)

Hey! wanna share with me your all time favorite anime series?   read

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