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So about 2 weeks ago I got invited to a japanese garden in Rockford, Illinois. There were a few cosplayers and a few photographers. I did 2 interview videos. One for the cosplayers and one for the photographers. Hope you enjoy!

Took a bunch of cosplayers and did a short interview of them and then recorded two poses of them. Make sure to watch in HD!!!!

So, a few days ago I made this for my cosplaying friends and showed them how they made this past year quite the experience for me. Enjoy and happy New Years!

So, I filmed all three days of soycon near chicago this year and had a blast! Heres my music video for it! Hope you guys enjoy it!

I hosted a cosplay meet up near chicago at this beautiful place that had japanese, english, and other tpyes of gardens. Had about a little over 20 people with me that day!
It might start off slow because I wanted to show what the place looked like first. Then the rest is focused on cosplay. Enjoy!

Used a glidecam hd 2000 and canon 60d