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kevinperdue avatar 10:06 AM on 03.23.2016  (server time)
The second season

So I just so happened to learn that two shows that I had thought down for the count received a second season.  I figured since they had not received a second season in years (yes multiple years) that they were as good as written off.  So is there a iron clad rule that a series can not get a second season?  In short, no.  But there are a lot of factors which go into a second (or more) season.  If anyone has even had a cursory glance at publishing rights, you know that it is fraught with individual interests fighting it out for their piece of the corporate pie.  A great show may not get a second season (or even a conclusion) for a multitude of reasons and even though the fan base sighs a collective "oh, come on!", a series can dead end just when it was getting really good.  So what can we do?  In short, not a lot - but continue to support your favorite show.  Buy the second season if there is one and tell your friends who are into shows of that genre why it is good, and tell people who are not into that genre why they should be watching this show. Example: "It's a comedy that's got romance, not your cookie cutter romantic comedy."  So get out there and spread the word on your favorite show, a "fan save" is often better than no second season.

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