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9:54 AM on 03.03.2010

Would Goku beat Naruto?

Well I grew up watching Dragon Ball and that is where I learned my morals. The new kids grow up watching Naruto. I obviously have a biased opinion here, as I'd say Dragon Ball beats Naruto hands down. Is one better than the other? I think not.
There should probably be bad anime coming out as well as good anime for as long as it is produced, just like any other art. And of course if you look into the past it is easier to identify some classics and that could lead you to think the oldschool is better than newschool.
The truth is, new good anime will only achieve the status of a classic troughout the years to come and that is just the way things work.
What we could be discussing are the tendencies. But that would be a whole different issue.   read

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