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Don't worry guys, I'm single. Sadly, it might just remain that way for a long time. A real long time. (We can't all live the Key/ Visual Art's life)

Anyway, I'm real, breathing and beating, and living the high school life in California. Can't say it's the best, but hey, it's better than living a life like Grave of the Butterflies. Everyday I ride a magical, mystical elephant to school. It's white and has a weird name, "Toyota 4Runner."

I ain't gonna brag, but I'm riding a C- in trigonometry class right now, so yeah...

I'll talk about all the anime and manga later, but apart from that i am totally SHER-locked right now. Though my favorite show of all time is Downton Abbey. And how beautiful of a show it is!

To conclude, I'm your normal, everyday, average, commonplace, immigrant from across the Pacific, northern californian kid. Glasses and all.

12:38 AM on 11.02.2012

Born in the Philippines, anime is something I was born with. My cousins adorned their rooms with posters of Slam Dunk, shelves of Gundam Endless Waltz Models, and all sorts of figurines from Sailor Moon and Voltes V. Speaking of, when you're Filipino, Voltes V is your first exposure to anime. Though Battleship Yamato, Mazinger Z, and Grendizer were pretty commonplace as well, but Voltes V took the cake. I was born quite young, so I couldn't absorb all of Voltes V. But one thing was sure, this was the coolest thing I have laid my eyes on since exiting the womb.

My heroes...

Ultra Electro Magnetic Top! Crap, when you heard that, it's going down. Over the top weapons, enemies from another planet, and an awesome as Hell battle cry, it was everything a little boy could ask for. I was living the life, watching it coming home from school, and this show opened it up for me. Anime became more than a 30 minute block of television. It evolved into a way of life, a thing to obsess over, a thing to cry over, and passionately follow. Thank you Voltes V, you started it for me. And if you really want to know all the Voltes V magic, here:

After Voltes V it was Zoids and G Gundam. G Gundam taught me how to be a man. Pure robotic testosterone, it was amazing. "SHINING FINGER!!!" Man, that sent chills down my spine. And when Master Asia roundhouse kicked a skyscraper? That's how a man deals with things. I loved Zoids, not for the story, not for the visuals, but the toys, That's really it. But every Otaku knows figures and models are the coolest thing ever. So, every Zoid you could see on T.V., you could build and a seven year old nerd like me, that made my pants wet, in a seven year old nerd like way. So I demanded my parents buy me the kits. LIGER ZERO, Hell YEAH! Elephander? I have a weird feeling in my pants, mom? König Wolf? Umm, mom, my body feels weird... Slash Liger and Snipe Liger? I"M WWWWWEEEETTTT*!!!! Zoids and Gundam, a young boy's wet dream.

It was from those shows, my anime life began. I thank you Domon Kasshu, Ken'ichi Gō, and the entire Helic Republic for helping shape my life as it is now. I can't be more grateful to any group of people, fictional or not, and I apologize mom and dad, these guys had more to do with my childhood than you... Real sorry about that.

Now look at me, I list my occupation as Full Time Otaku for everything, I obsess over any meganekko, and I cannot hold this back anymore: Saeko Busujima, I LOVE YOU!!!

* A reaction similar to mine when I finished making Shield Liger

(Achievement Unlocked: Welcome N00b! First Post.)

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