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Boys like breasts: Sekirei sells out for FUNimation

3:00 PM on 12.03.2010 // Brad Rice

Clearly, you people like breasts. A lot.

Because FUNimation dropped us a note in our inbox telling the world that they sold out of Sekirei discs. Like, every last one. So they're busting their ass (and busts) to get more copies of the show out to distributors to replenish their stocks.

Who'da thunk it? I guess this makes up for the failure in sales that was Big Windup!.

I'm guessing this is a pretty gigantic piece of news for FUNimation, because I've never had them drop something like this on us before, and considering the advertising has been prominent for this show, they must have high expectations for it.

How many of you dropped money on Sekirei, or are planning to? It's only $30 at Amazon!

Brad Rice, Founder
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Brad helped found in 2006, and currently serves as an Associate Editor. He's covered all aspects of the industry, but has a particular preference for the business-end of things, and... more   |   staff directory

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