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Break Out: Media Blasters nabs the first two SRW animes

12:30 AM on 02.24.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

Rising Force!

For once, this isn't the type of Super Robot Wars news that I was looking forward to. But on the bright side, Media Blasters has rescued Super Robot Wars: Original Generation: The Animation and Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars from the depths of the dead licence scrap yard. 

To those that have played the first two Super Robot Wars OG games, SRW OG: The Animation basically takes places right after the ending of the original second game for the Gameboy Advance. For what it was, I found it to be a bit enjoyable, since it was one of the first instances where Dygenguar used its Zankantou in glorious 2D. However, the OVA's story was retconned when Super Robot Wars: Original Generations and Original Generation Gaiden came into existence. That said, the OVA is still a neat "what if" situation that brings back most of the main cast from OG 2, so it still has some sort of value for SRW fans. 

As for Divine Wars, the TV series adapts the story of the first SRW OG game, which can fill in a few holes for people that saw Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector first. While I haven't seen Divine Wars, I wasn't too fond of the CG used for the robots featured in the series. Hopefully, the show's 3D animation is still executed in a decent manner.

If Media Blaster's release for both SRW OG animes manages to do well, there might be a very low chance that it could open the doors for 2nd Super Robot Wars Original Generation getting a digital release in North America. However, I doubt that this would ever happen, but a man can dream. With that beacon of hope shattered, I will patiently wait for someone to finish an F.A.Q. that translates the story of 2nd OG, so that I could use it as a reference during my playthrough. But first, I need to import the game for myself. 

Both series will be available on July, so that viewers can relive the hotblooded action brought to you by the ATX Team, SRX Team, and Trombe! At the end of the day, Media Blaster's sets will most likely be cheaper than Bandai Visual's release, which is another good thing to rejoice about. 

So to people that have watched Divine Wars, does the series do a decent job in adapting the story of SRW OG?

[via Crunchyroll]

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