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Breath of Fire 6 announced for PC/tablet/smartphone

4:42 AM on 08.01.2013 // Elliot Gay

It's an online game.

Let me be real with you folks for a second. Capcom's Breath of Fire games are some of my favorite RPGs ever made. BoF III is still an experience I hold very near and dear to my heart, and even Dragon Quarter was a remarkable game in many ways.

Perhaps that's why this information stings so much.

Capcom announced Breath of Fire 6 for PC browsers/tablet/smartphones today. It's an online touch RPG designed to be easily playable anywhere and on pretty much any device. Your data can be swapped between the computer, your phone, and your tablet. The game goes live in 2014.

We got our first look at the game via some screenshots and it looks... woefully generic. Breath of Fire always had a wonderful aesthetic, but there are no signs of that here. I'd love to be proven wrong; who knows, this could turn out to be the greatest touch RPG ever made. For the time being?  I'm going to keep my expectations low.

I waited 11 years for a BoF sequel I had assumed would never come. Now that it's here...? 

What do you folks think?

[via Hachima and the Official Site]

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