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Bubblegum Crisis live action film has its funding, aiming for a 2012 release

11:00 AM on 05.15.2009 // Brad Rice

What does it take to get an OVA from the 80s onto the silver screen, with some flesh and blood actors playing the parts? Well, the answer seems to be an international consortium of companies from six different countries (the US not being one of them!). Right now, all we have is a 2012 release date for the film, and a $30 million budget to shoot this sci-fi film.

The companies involved will be Axxis International of Singapore, Anime International Company of Japan, Arclight Films of Australia, Wizzfilms of Canada, Infotainment China Media Co. of China, and Latec International of the UK. The film will be shot in English, so many of these are mainly financial backers -- AIC being the ones who worked on the OVAs.

So, how do you think things will go for this? This large of a group, with mostly small-to-mid sized experience in films. Once we have a production company announced, along with a writer and director, then we can really jump ahead on speculation.

Brad Rice, Founder
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