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Bullet trains coming to America?

3:30 PM on 07.05.2010 // Crystal White

Could we be this lucky?

I know I loves me some high speed transportation and riding a bullet train has always been one of the things I'd like to do, you know, just for the novelty of it. Well soon enough, we may not even have to travel to Japan to ride one! (Although we'd still have to make our way to Chicago.)

Transportation Minister Seiji Maehara went to Chicago last week as part of a promotion to convince Americans to use Japanese rail cars and technology in our "high speed rail projects." The minister toured Union Station, which is the largest train terminal in Illinois, which is hopefully going to serve as the center of all high speed rail transportation in the state. In fact, Metra, a major rail transportation company even bought 500 rail cars from Nippon Sharyo Ltd.

Minister Maehara also visited San Francisco to help encourage a high speed rail connection between San Fran and Los Angeles.

I wanna ride the bullet train! 

Crystal White,
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