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Burger King Japan promotion practically giving away bacon

12:00 PM on 04.18.2012 // Bob Muir

If I'm timing this right, you should be reading this right around lunchtime, give or take a bit considering how many timezones America has. You're getting hungry for something awesome. And now, you see this picture at the top of the page. Look at all that bacon. God damn.

For a limited time, Burger King's Japanese branches are letting you pay ¥100 to add 15 strips of bacon to a burger instead of the usual deal of paying ¥60 for 3 strips. That alone sounds awesome (keeping in mind that Japanese fast food is tastier than its American counterparts), but it gets better.

You won't see it on the English version of RocketNews24, which only tested out a burger with 105 strips of bacon (¥700 extra), but on their Japanese site, their reporter Mr. Sato tries out a burger with 1050 strips of bacon (¥7000 extra). This towering creation is almost an abomination, before you realize it's all made of bacon and that you want it so bad. Now I'm gonna be disappointed all day that this isn't in my mouth. I'll have to make due with the video after the break.

[Via Japan Probe and RocketNews24]

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